Turn Your Images to Amazing Canvas Prints; An Ultimate Guide

Canvas prints are artworks or photographs represented on a canvas. They come in various sizes and are usually best situated when hung on the wall or placed on a display table. There are several options online, where you can create a canvas print, and it includes digital arts and graphics. This makes the work come out more beautiful. Hence, another creative way to generate wall art.

Follow the tips below for further ideas on how to turn your images into unique canvas prints.


1. Upload Your Image

The first step to creating a canvas print is to upload the image from your device. Here, choose a relatively larger size since you will trim it during conversion. Sometimes, the system may reject a minimal length, depending on your preferred uploader. A high-quality image will help you to make impressive photo prints.

Amazing Canvas Prints

2. Select the Canvas Size and Cropping Option

While uploading the preferred picture from your device, choose a sizable print. Here is where the majority of the editing workload lies because it determines the suitable photo frame. A good canvas editor should provide a wide range of sizes ranging from 8” x 8” premium Tabletop canvas to 32” x 48” canvas print.

Most canvas editors will provide two basic color options, which are Sepia and Black & White. Ensure to confirm the contrast, sharpness, brightness, and shape of all quality issues before printing it out.

3. Pick Your Frame Size

After beautifully creating the photo print you want, please select a suitable frame to enhance its durability. More so, canvas in frames is usually classier and more stunning. Your frame design also adds beauty to this wall art. You can choose any frame monochrome design or stripes, but ensure the frame pattern matches the photo print.

Choose a frame made with museum-grade material. With its firm texture, you can be sure it will perfectly hang on the wall.

If you are using two or more canvas frames, ensure to place them neatly by each other. You can measure the space between two frames and ensure it correlates with the others. A metric rule or the index finger can serve as a measurement tool. Hence, ensure balance whether you are going asymmetrical or symmetrical.

Amazing Canvas Prints

Features of a Great Canvas Print

Once you can identify these features in your canvas print, then you did a good job.

1. The back must have a material that prevents dust from accumulating, stopping excessive damage. A perfect material that would work in this case is a mat board backing.

2. The painting should be about 1.25” thick. This makes it more resistant to wear and tear and stands the test of time. This also implies you choose quality products all through the printing phase.

3. The edges should be completely wrapped. It becomes easier to customize the image to the perfect sharpness of the canvas.

4. Attach a pre-installed sawtooth hanger. This hanger allows you to fix it to the wall without using an external force such as nails and a hammer.

Amazing Canvas Prints


While converting your image into the canvas, ensure every equipment used is of a high quality. The printer and other necessary equipment will affect the result of your canvas print. Also, make sure to download the image from a free source that needs no permission from any regulatory body, while some may request some amount of money. In the long run, your decision depends on your financial constraint and how far you want to go with quality.

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