Traditional game developers in the casino market: should this be happening?

There’s talk that some of the major traditional game developers, such as DICE, are looking to get into the business of creating online casino games. This might sound like very exciting news to some, but could be problematic for others.

 The rumors come as a result of enormous growth within the online casino industry throughout the past few years. Now, it seems like a lot more companies want a slice of the pie, with traditional game developers being among those.

 But should it be happening? After all, there is already a considerable number of amazing casino games online. Check out some of the best online casino games in Norway, that could be competitors to DICE if they chose to go into the online casino business. But, they could be about to get even better. Let’s take a look at the main pros and cons of this potential move.


 More business for the companies

 One of the most obvious benefits is for the traditional game developers themselves. If the likes of DICE were to get into the online casino business, the likelihood is good that they would make more money.

 Online casino games generate a lot of revenue. And it’s a massive market, in that so many people all around the world are involved! Surely then, companies such as DICE could stand to make a whole lot more money by stepping into the scene.

 Higher-quality games for casino fans

 The benefits extend to online casino game fans as well. Traditional game developers tend to have high-quality software developers behind them and as a result, the games are often amazing. If these teams could be put to use creating online casino games, one would imagine that the quality of the games would increase quite substantially.

 More casino games for consoles

 Right now, the ability to play casino games on PlayStation and Xbox is a bit limited. This could be, in part, down to the fact that online casino software providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming don’t really have the resources to extend their games to these consoles.

 However, if traditional game developers were to get involved, we may well see some awesome casino games for traditional games consoles. We might also see a boost in mobile phone gaming, although this has already been a big part of iGaming.


 Devalues the brand for the fans

 The true fans of traditional game developers such as DICE might not be best pleased to see their beloved production houses become involved in the online casino market. That’s understandable. If you don’t like the online casino world, it certainly would be a shame to see a company you love becoming involved in it.

 This is perhaps the biggest reason holding DICE and those in similar positions back from stepping into this field – they don’t want to upset their fans as this is bad for business. It’s something they’ll have to weigh up closely, that’s for sure!

 Could cause a conflict of interest

 Traditional game developers becoming involved in casino games naturally means more money will be circulating. For a company to be associated with gambling, it might tarnish their name and cause fans to feel that all their games will be gambling-heavy.

 There are already issues surrounding the likes of EA and the FIFA special packs. It’s crossing into legal territory and people aren’t happy about it! This could only get worse when the line between traditional and casino games blur, and traditional game developers getting into casino game development will make it about as blurry as can be!

 May destabilize the companies already making the casino games

 There are a lot of amazing casino software developers right now. Consider Play‘n GO, Playtech and Microgaming. These companies have been in the business for many years and have pushed the whole iGaming industry a long way in that time.

 If developers from the traditional gaming world were to get involved in online casinos, it could cause too much competition for these companies and put them in danger of going out of business.

 Last thoughts on the matter

 Right now, the notion of traditional game developers becoming involved in the development of online casino games is still a long way off. There would probably have to be quite a dramatic shift in the market for this to actually happen. But who knows? Stranger things have happened, and it would certainly cause some interesting changes for those of us who love to play online casino games!

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