Top Fancy Dress costumes of all Time

The most popular Halloween costumes

Halloween – this is the time of year when children and adults dress up, eat sweets and flaunt their scariest selves. It is also where the scariest home decor is discussed and left, right and center are feared.

Using data from Google Trends and its unique Frightgeist series, we bring you the most popular Halloween costumes in the United States.

From the scary to the cute, these are the costumes that everyone wants to dress up for this Halloween.

A Short Story about Halloween

Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st, as this year’s Halloween falls on a Sunday. This tradition goes back to the ancient Celtic festival of November, where people light bonfires and wear costumes to protect ghosts.

The idea of ​​Halloween did not become very popular until it reached the United States. Borrowing from the European tradition, Americans began to dress up in costume and go from house to house in search of food or money, a practice that has become a “taste or treat” tradition today.

Other superstitions also began to form around the festival. Young women believe that they can see the appearance of their future husband by doing tricks with apple slices or a mirror.

Over time, Halloween has shifted from a focus on magic and ghosts to the festival we know and love today – days with an emphasis on games, seasonal food, and party costumes.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Rank Costume Name Category

1 Witch Horror Films

2 Rabbit Animals

3 Dinosaur Animals

4 Spider-Man Comic Book Characters

5 Cruella de Vil Film Characters

6 Fairy Fantasy Characters

7 Harley Quinn Comic Book Characters

8 Cowboy Professions

9 Clown Professions

10 Chucky Horror Films

Notable Trending Costumes

The Netflix Squid Game show has seen a huge surge in recent weeks, making it one of the most viewed shows on the podium, just before Halloween.

Squid Game costumes are the 23 most popular in Google search and are always in high demand, which makes them the most popular clothing idea in Halloween.

In past years, the mobile game among the US was under discussion in the gaming world and this year it is the 16th most popular costume in Jacksonville, Florida.

Other noteworthy costumes in the top 50 are Pokémon at No. 50, Fortnite at no. 44, Velma Dinkley (with Scooby-Doo fame) at no. 42, Poison Ivy (cartoon villain) at no. 33, Beetlejuice at no. 24 and 1980. Total no. 18.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes by State

Here are some of the most popular costumes in the U.S.

State Most Popular Costume

Alabama Harley Quinn

Alaska Beetlejuice

Arizona Rabbit

Arkansas Doll

California Witch

Colorado Dinosaur

Connecticut Powerpuff Girls

Delaware Doll

District of Columbia Beyonce

Florida Rabbit

If you look at the national costume at the state level, some interesting features emerge. Montana, for example, is passionate about The Purge and trick-or-treating Rhode Island is a huge fan of Hermione Granger’s famous Harry Potter.

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