Top 9 iPhone Games in 2022

How not to get lost in the sea of content and choose the best games to kill time on the subway or relax at lunch? The easiest option is to select a Woo Casino slot out of thousands of options. But what if you aren’t into gambling? Here are the top best games for iPhone in 2022, which you should download to make your free time more exciting.

Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story

You will have to reveal the secret of Laura’s disappearance, the mistress of the phone that accidentally fell into your hands. To do so you will have to delve into the virtual life of the missing girl: examine the correspondence, guessing passwords, searching for contacts, comparing messages, photos and social networking activity. 


A unique puzzle game with unlimited solutions. The different lines you draw on the screen move and copy themselves into an intricate pattern. The goal of the game is to draw a line in such a way that it only connects colored dots and does not fall into black holes, otherwise you will have to start all over again.


Several days have passed since Hannah’s disappearance. A text message has been sent from her missing phone with a caller ID number. And now the suspicion falls on the main character. How to find the girl and prove his innocence? The result of the investigation depends on the correctness of your actions. Collect evidence, solve puzzles, read other people’s correspondence and check people’s testimony. But be very careful and watch your back.

The Battle of Polytopia

A strategic mini-game in which a small tribe under your command finds itself in a small territory, surrounded by rivals and unfriendly mini-empires. The hardest part of the game is defeating your rivals in 30 turns and building a thriving civilization with minimal resources.

Framed and Framed 2

Your hero is trying to escape from the chase, using a variety of tricks and techniques. You can save him by rearranging the fragments of the screen, thus changing the plot and influencing the course of events.

Reigns: Her Majesty

You are the Queen, driven by the interests of the state and the dynasty. You have the power to execute, to pardon, to make peace, to make war. How not to lose power and keep the love of your subjects? Being the ruler is not easy, but otherwise this game would not have been in the top games on iOS.

Hidden Folks

This is a puzzle game in which you have to look for hidden characters or things on the screen, with monochrome outline graphics. For fans of puzzles and attention tests, it’s the perfect way to get stuck in for the evening.

Papers, Please

This game will bring nostalgia for travel. Only you won’t have to travel anywhere. You are a border control officer in a mythical state, and your task is to check the documents of all comers. It depends on your decision who will be allowed to enter the country and who will not. You are rewarded for each correctly stamped entry or fined for a mistake. The outcome of the game depends on your decision. How not to make a mistake and not to let a person with false documents through? “Allow” or “deny” – what decision will you make?


Shadowmatic is an original 3D puzzle game. The task is to move and rotate abstract objects until the shadow from the projector acquires recognizable outlines. And paid hints will help you interpret any image.

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