Top 8 Apple Arcade Games for Your iPhone

Games are the best way to forget about the most terrible problems during hard times. But playing Cyberpunk 2077 or other elaborate games can make you even more anxious. To avoid this, one can choose something simple, like slots or games available on Apple Arcade. These 8 games will offer you the most fantastic graphics and storylines. 

Rayman Mini

A classic game that is long and well known, even on mobile devices. You have to help the main character to collect all the coins on each level, jumping over obstacles in time. Seems simple, but it’s not.

Legends of Kingdom Rush

Cool turn-based strategy in the spirit of “Heroes of Sword and Magic”, which many played in childhood or adolescence. According to the plot, the invaders from another reality began to conquer the world, and they need to stop them.

It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the characters to form the right team.

The Survivalist

A classic survivalist. According to the plot, events unfold after the protagonist crashes on an island that seems uninhabited. In fact, it isn’t. It lives its own life and is full of surprises.

Besides, its exploration will have to provide a roof over his head, as well as to acquire weapons and protection. The monkeys will help.

All of You

Here you have to control a chicken that needs to collect its chickens. But that should not embarrass absolutely no one. That’s not the point here at all.

The point is to arrange the elements of the narrative correctly, so that the hero gets to his goal. The “asterisk” challenge.

Mini Metro+

A classic strategy game that involves building subway stations, tracks, leading trains and cars. It is important to make sure that all residents of this abstract place have time to get from point “A” to point “B”. And that’s interesting.

The Last Campfire

A fascinating adventure that will tell the story of a charcoal looking for his home. It sounds trivial, but in fact it is different. Along the way he will meet a lot of challenges, some of which intend to test your logic.

Doodle God Universe

This cool game suggests combining different elements on and off the planet to create something new. The process seems merely mediative at first, but becomes more and more addictive as time goes on.

The remaster for Apple Arcade features redesigned graphics with three-dimensional animations and other content.


One of the coolest role-playing games that can be installed on mobile devices. It is very complex, intricate and just beautiful. Character development, turn-based battles and a fascinating story. All of this awaits everyone immediately after installation.

The mechanics of battles are also interesting. Opponents can be sent to another reality to wait there for their time. When you have a lot of them, you can fight them all at once, so you don’t have to waste time on each one separately.

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