Top 7 Games for Your Old PC

Are you looking for a game to play on your old PC? Then, you have lots of options. For something simpler, you can try browser games or slots at the PlayAmo casino Canada. But if you want something more elaborate, these games will thrill you.


The game about seductive witch Cereza will please fans of high-quality battles and combat mechanics. And not for nothing because it was developed by Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Dante from Devil May Cry.

The in-depth combat system allows you to experiment with combat styles, and the cut-scenes are a delight to watch – especially during the piquant moments with the main character.

Devil May Cry 3

We decided not to limit ourselves to just one DMC, so we’ll list a few. The series is worthy of such flattery if only because it became the founder of stylish slashers. And the third part is the first truly iconic game of the franchise, revered among fans of the genre. 

Devil May Cry 4

The fourth installment of the Devil May Cry franchise introduced a new hero, Nero, a warrior with a demonic arm. The debutant fit in nicely with the overall style and was remembered for mechanics that Dante didn’t have.

The legendary demon hunter also grabbed his share of playing time – he’s a completely playable character with his own styles and unique weapons. Nero, on the other hand, is content with only the sword, which is able to accumulate a reactive charge.

Devil May Cry 5

The fifth part of Devil May Cry is usually criticized for depressing location design, but one thing is really interesting. It is an extract of the best ideas from the previous games of the franchise in terms of coolness and variety.

Nero now has prosthetics with unique properties, and Dante has a very extensive arsenal of weapons. And there’s a debutant here, too, the enigmatic V, who fights with hand-held shadow monsters. The gameplay for him is very different from what you would normally expect from an action game.

DmC: Devil May Cry

The spin-off franchise from Ninja Theory is starkly different from the classic Japanese games. And practically everything: the plot, level structure, dialogues, and combat system.

In a nutshell, DmC is simply different. Take the scenario. While the fourth part raises questions of humanity, and the fifth part again turns to the conflict of brothers, in the reboot the main character tries to overthrow the local demon usurper. With updated combat mechanics and an awesome soundtrack from Combichrist, the game entertains just the way it should.

Dark Souls

The original Dark Souls in 2021 feels even simpler than when it was released. Over the years its fans have found dozens and almost hundreds of ways to quickly get equipment or build a powerful build. So now is the best time to pass the Dark Souls, especially if you still have this gestalt.

Mad Max

Through Mad Max you can feel the atmosphere of the cult franchise. All around are junkyards and sand dunes, and all you have is a trusty sawed-off shotgun with a patch of ammo and a car made of shit and sticks. As you have already realized, this is an open-world action game.

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