Top 7 Best Dragons in Dragon City

With hundreds of dragons to choose from in Dragon City, it’s difficult to decide which one to breed or buy with gems/money.
Of course, many of them are only accessible during specific seasons and are really difficult to obtain or are only available for a modest fee— which most gamers cannot afford. But, there are dragons that are accessible to everyone, and you can simply breed them on the breeding island.So, here is a list of dragons that you can obtain by breeding) and that you should have since they offer exceptional qualities that will help you improve your dragon roaster.

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Now, let’s start with the list: 

1: Millenium Dragon

This dragon will give you 1911 Gold each hour, which is the second-highest income, but it will only cost you 3,000 Gems. If you don’t have so many gems, you can always try breeding them.
The Millenium Dragon provides you with the most gold and may also be bred—isn’t that just awesome?

Yup, it is.

It may be bred in a level 8 Sanctuary by combining dragons with the elements of war, sea, terra, and metal.

2: High Star Dragon

With a total of up to 2066 Gold each hour, the High Star Dragon is without a doubt the most profitable dragon in Dragon City.
The sole drawback is that you cannot breed this dragon, and the only way to obtain it is to purchase the egg from the shop for 6,000 Gems.

If you have some Gems and want to invest them, but the High Star Dragon is too pricey for you, the Archaic Dragon can be a good option.

Don’t become impatient if you have a setup going; breeding this dragon can take a long time, but it’s well worth it when you consider the 1186 Gold/hour it can earn.

3:  Nirobi Dragon

This Pure Dragon looks nice, so if you can breed it, that’ll be a win-win scenario.

You may start breeding the two Pure Dragons now, and if you’re lucky, you can receive one of the strongest breedable dragons to employ for attacks. The Nirobi Dragon’s trained strikes aren’t particularly insane. Still, the trainable attacks are coming up fast — Mystery Myth, Aurora Borealis, and Legend Spell all deal 2,000 to 3,000 base damage and will ultimately destroy any opposing dragon.

So, if you breed this dragon right now, it will be ready to deal with all the updates soon. 

4: Barbarian Dragon

Barbarian Dragon is one of the three most powerful dragons in terms of hit points and damage.

It has 24,000 HP, and 9,000 ATK, making it the strongest dragon in the game!

Primitive Ram and Giant Claw already strike hard, and other trainable attacks have over 1,000 base damage, so you can easily knock down any opponent dragon with him.

However, he costs 4,500 Gems, so if you have them, spend them wisely on this dragon, and you won’t regret your choice.

5: Droconos Dragon

I can suggest one approach that can assist you in breeding the greatest dragons, but it will take some time. It is, however, the only way to obtain them without paying Gems.

You’ll need two Pure Dragons to breed them, so if you don’t have any, these are the pairings that will bring you a Pure Dragon as quickly as possible.

The Droconos Dragon is also great, and you already have two base attacks that do over 1,000 base damage with Head Butt and Rainbow, and the trainable attacks hit like a truck with 2,000 to 3,000 base damage each.

6: Durian Dragon

The Durian Dragon is next on my list.

It has the same starting attributes as the Barbarian Dragon, but its trained attacks are slightly less powerful than the Barbarian Dragon’s. Even though this dragon effortlessly destroys other dragons, it also costs 4,500 Gems.

It is a breedable dragon that deals enormous damage and is probably my favorite in this area — the base damages are already devastating and can easily one-strike many opponents, and the trainable attacks turn it into a one-strike marvel.

7: Drathic Dragon

The Drathic Dragon is another dragon you may obtain.

But he is one of the top 5% strongest dragons in the game, making him a viable option, even if his basic attacks aren’t as strong as the trainable ones. It is a legendary dragon and the only legendary dragon on our list that is considered one of the best ones in the whole game.

You can breed two pure dragons, or two legacy dragons, or one crystal dragon with one legacy dragon, or with one mirror dragon to increase your chances of breeding this dragon.

Start Playing!

If you are a noob in the world of Dragon City, you will need some time before you are eligible to breed or buy these dragons.

But, if you are an oldie, there’s probably nothing more you’ll like than the list of the best dragons in this game.

So, start breeding them now and use them in the combats.

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