Top 6 Martial Arts Games

Martial arts have many fans around the globe. Some prefer practicing them themselves, others get inspired by them creating slots for Spinia and more versatile games. These are the most popular of them.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is one of the most exciting open-world projects of the last 10 years. It combines both refined combat and brutality with the ubiquitous use of environmental objects and edged weapons.

Sleeping Dogs feels like John Woo’s action movies in video game format. Its fans will say it’s even more thrilling than the GTA series, which may seem a bit of a stretch, but should give you some idea of how good it is.

Yakuza Series

There’s no point in telling you separately about each part of this series. The original Kiryu Saga is a great representative of martial arts games and one of the best choices to play now. The combat system has changed in detail throughout the seven games, so each new installment feels fresh.


If you’re a member of the PlayStation camp, you have the opportunity to try out Yakuza’s evolving combat system by playing its spin-off Judgement. In it, you’ll take control of lone detective Takayuki Yagami as he investigates crimes in Japan.

Many elements of the project are similar to Yakuza, but other elements are different. If we talk about the melee system in Judgment, it’s more similar to Yakuza 0 with the ability to switch to different styles of combat, but they are significantly different from the way the main character of the main line of games fights. 


Absolver’s incredibly complex combat system confuses newbies and thrill experienced players. You will either fall in love with it, or it will drive you away, forcing you to delete the game.

However, if you fall in love with Absolver’s combat system, you’ll probably find it hard to go back to other combat mechanics that are less in-depth than this one. Even if you don’t like it, Absolver is still a great experiment.

Tekken 7

It’s hard to talk about martial arts games and avoid talking about fighting games. The threshold of entry into them can be pretty high, but it’s pretty hard to avoid them when talking about a topic like this.

Tekken has historically done a great job of experimenting with its combat system and transforming different fighting styles into a great fighting experience.

Tekken 7’s versatile mechanics are a favorite among high-end fighting game players, but the combat in the game is also engaging enough to ensure that even inexperienced players can enjoy many of the things that make this series so special. Of course, you can also always play the brilliant Tekken 3.


It’s an odd project in its own way, and its understanding depends on the context. Nevertheless, the fact remains that there are very few fantasy martial arts games that offer anything close to what Overgrowth does.

It’s a classic “mystical kung-fu adventure” that just so happens to feature rabbits in the lead role. However, the dynamics and good combat system are worthy of overcoming all preconceptions about the game.

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