Things You Should Know About Car Shipping in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re considering shipping your car from or to Pittsburgh, PA there are several key considerations you must keep in mind. Deciding upon a reliable car shipping company can be difficult but selecting one should not be challenging.

Your choice of transport will have an effect on cost; both open and enclosed options are available, with enclosed providing more protection for your vehicle.

Open Carrier

Pittsburgh boasts a robust economy and is home to major companies, drawing top executives and tech professionals alike to its cityscape. Carnegie Mellon University draws students from all around the world.

For all of these reasons and more, millions of people travel to or from Pittsburgh each year. Open carrier transport is the go-to method of Pittsburgh car shipping professionals. In this method, your car is loaded onto a truck with other cars and sent directly to its destination – this option being less costly than other options and allowing real time tracking of its progress.

However, since your vehicle will be exposed to weather elements during shipping it’s essential that you purchase insurance prior to choosing this option.

Enclosed Carrier

Opting for closed shipping encases your car in an enclosed container to ensure it stays completely protected during shipping, making this choice safer and more reliable for sending expensive or rare vehicles.

If unsure which form of transport to take, talk with an auto shipper about what your needs are so they can recommend the most appropriate transport method for you.

Your car shipping experience will depend on various factors, including weather conditions, seasonality, traffic congestion, road construction projects, detours and distance. You can visit for more information about road construction projects. If time is of the essence for you, expedited or guaranteed pickup options can speed up this process significantly.

Use an online car shipping calculator to get an accurate estimate of how long it will take you to transport your auto from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh.

Your cost for car transport to Pittsburgh depends on whether or not you choose open or enclosed service. Enclosed is more expensive but provides complete vehicle protection, while open may be more suitable depending on its size or weight; please keep in mind though that some large or heavy vehicles may not fit within a standard carrier.


Door-to-door auto shipping offers an efficient and safe means of auto transport by eliminating the need to visit a vehicle terminal. While pricing will depend on several factors like make and model of your car and distance between pickup and delivery points, this option could potentially cost less than terminal-to-terminal transport as drivers don’t spend extra time traveling between points.

With door to door auto transport, the driver will come directly to your home to pick up and transport your vehicle to its new destination. Depending on where your home is located, they may use nearby parking lots or public garages for this service.

In order to ensure a successful transport experience, make sure your vehicle is in top condition prior to arranging door-to-door service – check the battery and fluid levels. You can learn more about checking your car’s battery by clicking the link.

You will also want to make sure the tank contains no more than 1/4 full fuel before shipping and remove any personal items that can be stored safely before being shipped away before they start driving it off its journey.

This service is ideal for customers who lack the time or energy to drive their car to a terminal themselves, and for high-value cars that wouldn’t do well being left in a parking lot for days at a time without supervision.


Pittsburgh is home to many businesses and individuals that require transporting their car across state lines for work or vacation reasons.

Auto shipping provides a cost-effective option that enables them to get around without needing to drive their own vehicle over long distances; additionally, auto transport professionals take care of the process, making the transition smoother for everyone involved.

Terminal-to-terminal transport is an alternative car shipping method that involves leaving your car at one terminal and collecting it from another nearby terminal.

Although terminal-to-terminal shipping can be more cost effective, its disadvantages still need to be considered; most terminals are often located outside city limits requiring you to spend extra money getting it there and back again when ready for collection; plus, storage fees may apply if your car remains there for an extended period.

For more information about auto shipping, reach out to a broker that provides multiple local and long-distance options for transport services. They will offer quotes that cover open carrier transport as well as white glove secure services for luxury and classic vehicles.

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