Things to know about trials of Osiris

Not sure what to expect in the trials of Osiris? Then read on to find out the things that you absolutely need to know about the trials. Let us begin.

What is trials of Osiris?

Trials of Osiris is an elimination game type version of Destiny 2. It is conducted in the form of PvP activity. These trials are only available during weekends and it is a great opportunity for players to flex their skills and earn high level weapons, skins and armour in the game. Winners in the trials will get state of the art exclusive weapons, armour gear, etc. You can gain much more than just experience. These trials are not just for PvP, but also PvE players.

Pre-requisites to participation

  • Destiny 2 expansion previous ownership

You are required to possess ownership of Beyond Light in order to participate and play in order to gain the trials of osiris boost.

  • Trials access quest completed

Next important and mandatory element is the completion of trials access quest. Unless you have certified completion of that quest, you will not be allowed to enter the trials of Osiris.

  • The passage from Sanit-14

And lastly, you will be required to buy a passage ticket from Saint-14 when the trials of Osiris is active.

Once you have these three things, you are clear and can go ahead and participate.

What are passages?

Passages are nothing but a type of tickets that can be purchased from Saint-14. They are used to track your game history in the Trials of Osiris. It helps to keep a record of the matches you have players and also that you have won. There are essentially four types of passages that are available in Saint-14. They are:

  • Passage of Mercy: This passage will grant you one chance for one loss per run. It requires 10,000 glimmer and 15 legendary shards.
  • Passage of Ferocity: With this passage, you will get a bonus win after you win your third match. It requires 10,000 glimmer and 15 legendary shards.
  • Passage of Wealth: This passage will give you higher rank points after winning. It requires 5 match wins, 15,000 glimmer and 25 legendary shards
  • Passage of Confidence: And this passage will give you a bonus reward from the flawless chest. It requires 7 trials of Osiris wins, 20,000 glimmer and 50 legendary shards.

What does going flawless mean?

It essentially means going on a winning spree for seven consecutive rounds. Once you get the lawless passage, you will gain access to the Lighthouse and the adept weapon mods and variants of trials weapons kept there. Once you go flawless your weapons and gear will glow in order to show your achievement to the fellow players. You can decide the colour of this glow yourself and change it by clicking on the trial-themed emblems available. This glow only lasts for two weeks and will diminish post that. In order to maintain the glow you will have to keep going flawless, which means you will have to keep winning 7 consecutive matches in a row. 

Trials of Osiris is new for many players and they have been searching for easy context to understand the version. Today we attempted to simplify a few important things that you needed to know the trials. Hope this helped and all the best for getting your flawless soon!

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