Things to Consider while Joining an Online Cooking Course

Cooking and preparation skills might be difficult to learn. Where can you discover details on the necessary ingredients, their preparation, what to cook, and how to cook it? Reading cookbooks, registering for a cooking class, online cooking games, or working as an apprentice chef are just a few of the various learning opportunities available.

Cookbooks primarily focus on providing recipes rather than detailing preparation and cooking techniques. A cooking course can be expensive, time-consuming, and entail travel. It might not be the best idea to work as an assistant chef unless you plan to eventually work in the culinary industry. A well-structured video course is one of the best tools to learn cooking as well as restaurant management skills. The problem with most video courses is that they are poorly organised; they don’t start with the fundamentals and go on to more complex topics.

A good cooking video course will involve the following things:

Chopping Skills:

Before moving on to cooking and implementing recipes, it’s crucial to grasp the proper usage of knives. Before dealing blades, there are a number of health and safety factors to take into account. Knives must always be carried with their blades pointing toward the ground. Always check the knife’s edge. A dull knife requires greater force to cut things, which could cause an accident. Hold the knife by the metal ridge next to the blade and hand the handle to the recipient while passing a knife. Another thing to keep in mind is never to catch a falling knife. Understanding that there are several blades for various activities, such as peeling, chopping, slicing, and dicing, as well as how to sharpen knives, is crucial.

Food safety

If components are not appropriately managed, food poisoning is a serious issue. Unsafe handling of raw meat is one of the main causes of food poisoning. Pathogens, microorganisms that spread disease and can be lethal, are present in all raw meat, particularly chicken. Hands need to be cleansed thoroughly with soap and water after handling raw meat. Knives must be washed with detergent and sterilised with hot water before being used to cut raw meat. Cross-contamination and food poisoning will happen if a knife is used to cook raw poultry and then used, for instance, to cut sandwiches without being washed and sterilised.

Kitchen utensils

Other culinary tools must be presented and shown after knife skills. “Oyster openers, garnishing equipment, olive-stoners, melon-ballers, sieves and skillets, pineapple and apple corers, mandolins, zesters, potato ricers, and garlic presses” are just a few of the many instruments used in food preparation and cooking.

Preparing the Ingredients

It is necessary to demonstrate how to prepare all varieties of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, pasta, and rice. The less usual vegetables and salad ingredients would also be included, along with all common veggies including carrots, leeks, onions, celery, potatoes, brassicas, and legumes. It would also demonstrate how to prepare both common and uncommon fruits.

Different cooking techniques

“Poaching, boiling, stewing, steaming, reheating, baking, roasting, pot roasting, tandoori cooking, grilling/broiling, shallow and deep frying, microwave, griddle, toaster oven, and combo cooking” are just a few of the many various ways to prepare ingredients.

Soups, Stocks, and Sauces

All sauce and soup recipes are founded on the basis of meat and vegetable stocks. A stock’s key components must be demonstrated, produced, and boiled. Making various sauces and soups from the prepared stocks would be the next step. Clear soups, broths, purees, veloutes, creams, bisques, and other general soup types should all be displayed. Homemade sauces, compound butters, hot and cold sauces, gravies, and oils will also be represented.

Eggs dishes

Because of their versatility, eggs must be covered in the video course on how to make and cook. Firm favourites include fried, stewed, coddled, and scrambled. Other less popular meals, like curried eggs, frittatas, Spanish omelettes, and eggs Benedict, to name a few, should be included.

Consider the above-mentioned aspects while joining an online cooking course. The course must include most of these abilities. However, online cooking games can also help you in polishing your culinary skills. Check online to learn different restaurant management skills as well.

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