The Very Best Batman Video Games

Batman first appeared on our screens in 1986 and, since then, fans have watched The Dark Knight race around Gotham City as he attempts to save the city and others from a few evil opponents. But it’s not just the films that have got Bat-fans eager in anticipation as there’s also been a whole host of video games – allowing people to invite Batman and his adventures into their homes. Wondering what the best Batman video game is? We reveal the top three, according to the biggest Batman fans out there.

1. Batman: Arkham City

Up first, we’ve got Arkham City which received praise from the moment it was launched. The animation, story, gaming facilities were all highly-praised by fans and gaming critics alike and they were equally impressed with just how sleek the game was. Another reason why it’s so popular is that, unlike other games in the series, Arkham City focuses on the characters and Batman universe in even more detail.

Additional storylines were added and those villains – and their disguises – that we hate to love took center stage. This includes the Joker who we believe is the way he is because of an accident involving chemicals, and Harley Quinn, who was actually involved in the Joker’s treatment at an asylum. Developed by Rocksteady, Arkham City gives gamers more freedom, more content, and even more advanced technology to enhance gameplay. We have to mention the DLC packs, too, which offer extra fun and challenges for those hard-core fans.

2. Arkham Asylum 

Whether City or Asylum is better has split fans of The Dark Knight for many years. But, as this game wasn’t directly tied to the official Batman movies, we’re giving it the title of ‘second-best Batman game’. Upon release, it did receive lots of praise – mainly for brand-new gameplay, but repetitive features soon came under attack from the country’s most renowned game critics.

Once more developed by Rocksteady, the game is set in the confines of an asylum with claustrophobic encounters and fear around every corner. Exploration is encouraged with Riddler Challenges allowing for even more brain-ticking fun. Even better is that some critics say non-gamers and non-comic fans would enjoy this too.

3. Arkham Knight 

Although it might not have seen the same amount of praise as City and Asylum did, Arkham Knight still deserves to be in the top three – mainly because it introduced a brand-new villain in the mix. As well as this, the Batmobile makes an appearance – unlike any other game – albeit some gamers said this is what held them back when it came to overall scores.

Despite this, the 2015 game from Rocksteady has to be praised for its map and atmosphere, with next generation effects and graphics. New gadgets such as the Voice Synthesizer also further enhance gameplay and the story puzzles provide a much-needed challenge.

With the latest Batman film released in March 2022, fans will probably be wondering whether a new video game will be on its way. And, the answer is yes! It’s recently been announced that Gotham Knights, a two-player game will be released in October 2022 on all of the main video game platforms. Until then, you might want to brush up on your skills with the above.

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