The trick gambling sites don’t want you to know

The online sports betting industry is in a better shape today than it has ever been before. As millions of new bettors arrive on the scene, desperate to take advantage of their new freedoms following the relaxation of rules in countries like the United States and Canada, the leading betting apps are ready to receive them. The best bookies offer welcome bonus free bets to new players, generous odds on the most famous competitions. They also boast the technology that allows members to bet on NBA games, horse races and boxing matches using a smartphone device or home computer.

In addition to the traditional sports that are popular with bettors, the most successful apps also have gambling markets and odds on esports. This is in response to the growing demand for esports betting and the steady rise in professional competitions covered by major television channels and live streaming sites. The leading esports leagues and tournaments attract a global audience in the millions and followers love to keep tabs on the results and who the best players are.

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Ramp up your interest

Many like to ramp up their interest in the outcome of matches by placing a bet on the result. The esports tab is no longer tucked away at the bottom of a bookmaker’s website. Any respected betting app has its esports tab in a prominent position and packed with competitions, fixtures and markets.

As a registered member of an online bookmaker that accepts esports bets, you can wager before the start of the game or at any stage, thanks to in-play betting. There’s live streaming of the top fixtures. The opportunity to cash out bets and even promotions such as free bets and price boosts available.

Place your bets, watch the game unfold and keep on the lookout for any in-play betting value, pouncing before the odds change or the market suspends. A bet on esports is as exciting in the closing stages of a match as it was before the start. All the best titles are covered in detail, including CS: GO, Dota 2, Valorant and Hearthstone.

An exciting game is always about to begin somewhere in the world, but you don’t have to be a pro esports player to get involved. Study the fixture and form, then make your predictions and place a bet. Choose wisely, and you could land a profit while you sit back and enjoy the show, knowing you have beat the bookies.

How to get the upper hand

Whether you are betting on esports, basketball, football or any other major sport covered by your bookie of choice, you must bet smart. It is crucial that you realise there is no quick fix and no guaranteed way to make a profit from your wagers. Any tipster or betting site that tries to tell you any different should be avoided at all costs as it could be dangerous.

There may not be a surefire way to beat the bookies, but there is one trick that can improve your chances of winning when gambling on sports and esports markets. The tip here is to spread your interest across many different betting apps. The gambling industry has become so competitive over the last five years that, to be successful, a bookie must stand out from the crowd. They must entice you to join their site over the competition, and they do this by offering new players a free bet. Sign up, place a bet, and you’ll often land a free bet that is equal in value to your first gamble on the site. That’s great, but there’s more.

Nothing in the terms and conditions of these deals says you must bet exclusively with one bookie. Even if there were such a rule, they couldn’t enforce it. The trick to success is opening an account with as many online betting sites as possible and securing the free bet at each. Get your welcome bonus, try out the site then move on.

Keep signing up and keep getting those free bets. This approach means you will have an account with many leading betting apps, and this will improve your chances of getting the best odds available on every bet you place in future.

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