The Top 5 Dual Berettas Skins

Give your CS:GO pistols a makeover and decimate enemies in style! The best skins for dual berettas are not only elegant, but also very affordable. These five designs will pleasantly surprise you:

  • Royal Consorts

The vintage look you often find of Dual Berettas CS:GO first appeared in late 2016 as part of The Glove Collection. Oak leaves are engraved on yellow metal panels that decorate the shutters. Each handle has malachite inserts and a textured image of a griffin. The remaining parts are dark gray with thin white lines along the edges.

 Abrasions grow along with float value, and the gray paint gradually peels. You can get this skin for a mere $0.22 on DMarket. This is 32% lower than on Steam.

  • Dualing Dragons

This skin is from the 2015 Shadow Collection. Black shutters are adorned with laser-etched images of dragons. The handles have wooden inserts with dragon-shaped logo’s. Over time, the skin becomes darker. 

 This look is even cheaper — from $0.10 on DMarket. You will save 28% compared to Steam.

  • Cobra Strike

As part of The Operation Hydra Collection, Cobra Strike was added to the game in 2017. Its color palette includes gray, orange, and different shades of green. The pistol bodies are painted in dark khaki. 

Images of dragons are etched on the dark gray handles. Neon green covers the top parts of the shutters, making them look like bulbs with poison. Their bottom sections are embellished with a hexagonal grid. 

 You can find this skin in all conditions. The intensity of abrasions and patina depend on the level of wear. On DMarket, the lowest price is $13.58, which is 40% less than on Steam.  

  • Cobalt Quartz

This super affordable look first appeared in the 2013 Lake Collection. Its color palette consists of gray and different shades of blue. The handles and shutters are covered with a crystal-like pattern. The rest of the weapon is unpainted.

 Abrasions are present at all stages of wear, and they gradually increase. Although the Battle-Scarred condition is unavailable. This skin will set you back just $0.13 on DMarket, so you can save over 30% compared to Steam.

  • Balance

This Shattered Web Collection skin is relatively new — it first appeared in 2019. The central element of the design is an image of a red rose. It is painted on each of the handles on top of a textured pattern — silver curls on gray. The same engraved pattern covers the shutters. The remaining parts are unpainted.

 This skin is available in all conditions. It never develops any abrasions or scratches, but the pistols become significantly darker over time. The starting price is similar to Cobalt Quartz — just $0.12 on DMarket, which is over 30% cheaper than on Steam. 

Where to Buy

Lower prices are not the only advantage of reputable third-party platforms. Unlike Steam, DMarket allows flexible withdrawals. Its 20+ payment methods, 1+ million skins, modest fees and stringent security measures form a winning combination. This system ensures convenience for both buyers and sellers.

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