The New All-Female League of Legends Team 2022 – What We Know So Far 

Gaming has also suffered from a gender imbalance. Despite League of Legends attracting more than 117 million active players every month, only a fraction are female. Recent estimates suggest female gamers account for as little as 12 percent of the overall playing community. Representation is even worse in professional circles, with all-male teams continuing to dominate top-level tournaments. However, several esports organizations are making a real push to get more women involved. 

Introducing G2 Hel 

G2 Esports is going all out to promote female gamers. Recently, the organization announced the formation of G2 Gozen, an all-female Valorant team. This lineup has already exceeded expectations, securing a succession of wins at the Game Changers EMEA Series 2 tournament. 

Following on from this, G2 Esports has announced a second all-female team, this time to compete in League of Legends. Previously known as Burger Flippers, this all-girl roster now goes by G2 Hel. They’re already considered one of the best female LoL teams playing in Europe, having recently sailed through the qualification stage of the GirlGamer World Championships. 

The G2 Hel Roster 

Although the G2 Hel lineup isn’t packed with big names, this is one talented roster. Out of the five players currently signed up, only one name is likely to ring any bells with LoL fans. Maya “Caltys” Henckel has been active since 2018, having played with now-disbanded teams including Out of the Blue and Resolve Female. She’s also one of the few female professionals to have competed as part of a mixed-gender lineup, with brief tenures with the likes of Valiance. 

However, Caltys isn’t the only star of the show. Swedish-born Olivia “Lizia” Calistua takes on the G2 Hel’s top laner role. Before signing with G2 Hel, she previously played for the now-defunct Team Revice, as well as SK Avarosa. 

Agnė “Karina” Ivaškevičiūtė serves as G2 Hel’s jungler, having seen out tenures with the likes of Niga Galaxy and Grow uP Girls EU. Alena “TIFA” Maurer takes on G2 Hel’s mid laner role, while Ève “Colomblbl” Monvoisin serves as support. 

What Does the Future Hold for G2 Hel? 

With so few all-female teams in the mix, we may be a way off from seeing the likes of G2 Hel competing against the likes of Top Esports, JD Gaming, and Cloud9. However, this is a pretty starting lineup. What’s more, if G2 Gozen’s 

recent success is anything to go by, this female roster can look forward to a bright future. You can look forward to seeing them in action at the 2022 GirlGamer Esports Festival, where G2 Hel will be representing Europe. 

At the moment, female professionals are in the minority and, until recently, all-female teams were seen as something of a novelty. However, with more major organizations going out of their way to invest in female talent, the likes of G2 Hel and Gozen may prove to be the tip of the iceberg. Looking to see how the G2 Hel girls handle the competition? Get the latest LOL esports schedule here so you can follow all the action.

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