The most profitable games to play at online bitcoin casinos

There is good news for people who want to gamble anonymously, which fundamentally means that if you win, you will be paid in a matter that is very difficult for tax authorities or others to keep track of your winnings.

The answer of course is Bitcoin casinos. Casinos that let you make your deposit in bitcoins and withdraw your winnings (or your initial deposit if you happen to be dissatisfied with the casino and want your deposit back) via bitcoin.

Most profitable games to play at online bitcoin casinos?

This article explains what are the most profitable games to play at those casinos, and we’ll cover that shortly, but first, it’s important to understand more about playing at online casinos using bitcoin, or perhaps Ethereum, another cryptocurrency that is popular with online casinos.

One thing to be aware of is that while generally deposits and withdrawals are free, the casino has to pay a payment processor to accept deposits and to pay out withdrawals, and quite often that fee, which can be as much as 3 to 5 percent, is passed on to the consumer.

So keep that in mind under the basic rule of business, that there is no free lunch.

Another factor to keep in mind is that while there are nearly 1,000 plus online casinos that accept cryptocurrency, quite a few of them have a spurious gaming license.

If a casino has a gaming license from a location such as Curacao, or Panama for example, they may indeed have a license to operate but such countries do very little or are completely hands-off in any kind of disputes between the individual gambler and the casino.

So before jumping into playing in an online casino that offers bitcoin for gambling, pay close attention to where they are licensed.

Also, note that due to the anonymity of bitcoin, quite a few casinos are operating strictly outside of the laws of your country. Some bitcoin casinos not only have no license, but they will literally accept any player from any country.

The plain fact is that bitcoin casinos have become a favored way to launder dirty money.

Not that you, the average person, are involved in it, but just for your information, know that there are a lot of shady operators out there.

Okay, now that the cautions have been made, what are the most profitable games to play with an online bitcoin casino?

Just one additional piece of cautionary advice before we talk about that. Realize that Some bitcoin casinos limit your opportunity to play every game.

For example, an online casino may have 400 slots in its array of games, but limit slot plays to only around 25 of those games. Therefore, this is another example of why you should read the fine print carefully before making your deposit.

Be aware that one of the negative effects of using bitcoin to gamble is that the moment you transfer your bitcoin to the casino’s crypto wallet, the effects are irreversible. It’s literally impossible to stop that transaction. It’s not like making a deposit with your Visa Credit Card and then calling up Visa to stop the transaction.

With all these cautions noted, if you sincerely understand the fine print in a casino’s terms of service and you have a good feeling about the casino’s reputation, then fundamentally, logic tells you that the very best games to play for the most profit are those with the lowest house edge.

Understanding the House edge on games at a crypto casino?

Understand that every casino in the world, no matter how reputable, honest, and generous, makes its money through the house edge in the games.

Traditionally, experts agree that the game with the lowest house edge and thus the opportunity to win the most money is blackjack.

Depending on the rules of the casino, the house edge on Blackjack is as low as .52 percent, meaning that if you bet $100 playing blackjack, statistically, over the long run, you should lose approximately 50 percent.

Realize that when we are talking about the house edge, we are talking about thousands upon thousands of games of blackjack.

No matter how good a player you are, sometimes, you’ll lose significantly more than .52 percent, and sometimes you’ll win.

The casino doesn’t really care whether you as an individual win or lose, (as long as you are not cheating in some way, (which is virtually impossible online,) but whether over thousands of hands, they make a significant profit.

The next best game to play, statistically, is baccarat. A deceptively simple game in which the rules of play are automatic, the house edge of baccarat is 1.36 if you bet on the player and 1.17 if you bet on the banker.

These are fantastic odds and once it’s played, the lack of stress in playing compared to the decisions required in blackjack, make this a fantastic game.

Unfortunately, since in live casinos, many baccarat games are roped off in an area presumably for only the ultra-rich, most players have never tried it.

But of course, there is no roped-off area in an online casino, so we urge you to try it. We’ll sure you will like it.

Next is craps.

Craps is an exciting game, and the odds of certain bets are as high as 16 percent and as low as 1.40 percent.

The great thing about craps is that if you learn to take the odds, the odds on a second bet can be as low as .18 percent.

Taking the odds is by far the very best bet in the casino, although it’s initially fairly complicated to learn for many gamblers.

One other game which might be included on this list is standard, online poker. Here you play against other players and only pay a small percentage to the house to participate.

The good news is since you play against other players, if you are really good at it, you can really clean up. The bad news is that it takes quite a lot of trial and error and a lot of potential losses to be really good at it.

The bottom line

Ultimately, for many online bitcoin casinos, it’s really no different than playing with dollars or Euros. It depends upon the reputation of the casino.

But stick primarily to blackjack, baccarat, and craps, and as long as you know what you are doing, you stand a fair chance of taking home a healthy chunk of change.


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