The Latest Mobile Gaming Essentials That Every Serious Gamer Needs

The Mobile Gaming Market will reach $153.5 billion across global economies by 2027, meaning you’re probably already investing energy in gameplay.

When was the last time you picked up your phone to play anything from Angry Birds to solitaire?

If this was you recently, you should consider yourself a mobile gamer who has come into contact with soar eyes or aching fingers from playing on your phone. Selecting a high-performing phone is one of the mobile gaming essentials that will increase your gameplay and comfort. We are here to explain a few other items that will make you the best mobile gamer.

Read on for the essentials you need to take your mobile gaming to the next level.

External Controllers for the Win

Apple and Android users experience more features added to smartphones each year, but these phones may still not operate to a gamer’s needs for rapid movements. Update gameplay by purchasing an external controller.

Mobile gaming essentials are all about easing a user’s experience with game-specific additions. An external controller, such as a Razer or SteelSeries option, brings game functionality to your smartphone. Many controllers come with long battery life and universal Bluetooth connectivity to make plugging in a cinch.

The setup of top controllers also aid in comfort for the user, whether it stretches to fit on both sides of a phone or has a snap-in option.

Phone Mounts as One of the Mobile Gaming Essentials

Maybe your controller doesn’t have a spot to hold your phone at good eye level to maintain easy sight of your game. Phone mounts are a great secondary buy to a controller.

There are many phone mounts on the market, though a mobile gamer would benefit from a portable option that is adjustable. Something from Lamicall or OMOTON is high on the list of mobile gaming essentials to keep your phone steady and charging with ease.

Your neck will also thank you for the adjustability as you get lost in thousands of mobile games from producers like gamemine.

Power Banks to Up Your Mobile Gaming Skills

A gamer’s worst nightmare is to continuously sit near a plug or hunch over a short charging cable to keep up gameplay. Yet many of the smartphones aren’t meant for a mobile gaming experience with short-lived batteries.

This is why having a quick charging power bank is one of the best mobile gaming essentials you can buy.

Some of the compact batteries on the market equip users with several USB ports to charge a phone and its accessories at the same time. The Anker PowerCore or Miady rank top on Amazon’s portable charger list, offering great value and easy mobility for gaming on the go. Make sure to buy a power bank that also recharges at a faster speed so you don’t go without battery power for long!

Your Updated List of Gaming Essentials

Smartphones have become a source of fun for millions of mobile gamers across the globe. As the market increases so will your chance to become the best gamer if you have the right mobile gaming essentials at the ready. Check out the external controllers, phone mounts, and power banks above to start taking home the wins.

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