The Best Family Dice Games to Learn How to Play

Did you know dice are the oldest gaming implements?

Early societies have been using them and their frontrunners to play, make bets, and even divine the future.

Today, playing with dice remains one of humanity’s favorite pastimes. We have devised several ways to play it and even made variations.

Are you interested in introducing dice to your next game night? Keep reading and discover new family dice games you should learn to play.


Bunco is one of the simplest family dice games with straightforward rules. You need 12 or so players. You can play with more or fewer, but the total must be divisible by four.

You also must have nine dice and luck. Where can you find that many dice? You can always find a great deal online, assorted or not.

First, the players split into groups of four. Each one tries to roll a number corresponding with the current round.

If you’re in round 3, you have to roll three 3’s. In the fourth round, you need to get four 4’s. Every time you’re successful, you get a single point or “Bunco.”

The goal is to get the most points at the end of the game. Here’s a warning: it looks simple enough, but it’s wildly addictive.


Is playing dice games too simple for you? Try Balut on your next family night. It allows you to strategize, allowing you to win without relying too much on luck.

Balut is an alternative to poker when cards are not available. The traditional rules of this game involve rolling the dice and scoring in one of seven categories.

It has some influences from Bingo, as well. You have to shout “Balut!” when you hit the jackpot.

The official rules are enjoyable as they are. However, most Balut players make their house rules. It’s what makes Balut a fun family game since each home might have unique ways to play it.


Of course, we can’t have a list of the best dice games without Yahtzee. As many as 100 million people play it regularly. If you’re still not familiar with its rules, it’s not too late to learn.

Yahtzee has 13 categories with unique scoring systems. Each player gets a scorecard and up to three rolls of five six-sided dice per round. Depending on your goal, you must pursue a specific dice combination.

It also requires luck, but you need a strategy and skills to win it. Using your brain makes it one of the most enjoyable family games.

Play More Family Dice Games

Some family dice games are simple enough for everyone, while others require some brainpower. Try one of the above next time and see which one your loved ones like best.

Once you have a good grasp of what your family enjoys, you can explore other multiplayer dice games.

Did you find this list entertaining? If so, check out our other posts to learn more.



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