TBC classic boosts and coaching in World of WarCraft

In 2021, Blizzard announced the classic add-on The Burning Crusade, where players can once again return to The Outland Zone, fight Kael’thas Sunstrider and Illidan Stormrage.servers World of Warcraft differ from current patches hardcore pumping. Players will have to start the game from scratch, completing quests, killing monsters and gathering in groups to complete dungeons and raids.

You can try to upgrade your hero yourself or use the services of boosters to have them do it for you. In the future, if you plan to go to the Sunwell Plateau Loot  arena at a professional level, you will need a lot of information about the mechanics of skills, control effects and the most optimal strategies. In order not to understand this information, you can take advantage coaching from experienced renterswho will become a real coach for you.

How to upgrade a character in The Burning Crusade

Conceptually, leveling in the classics is not much different from the current patches. You simply kill monsters and complete quests to gain experience. As soon as the dungeons at a certain level open, it will be possible to go into them with a group of 5 people and get loot after passing.

The complexity of leveling lies in the lack of heirloom equipment, flasks, food and item enchants . You will have to be content with what is given for quests and drops as loot. The same goes for mob. If in the actual they die after a few skills, then in The Burning Crusade combat with one monster is like a real duel. Collecting huge packs is impractical, otherwise you will have to look for your body from the nearest cemetery.

Leveling a character to the maximum level with a measured passage will take 6-8 days. After that, you still need to dress your hero in encore equipment, which does not drop with a 100% chance from raids or dungeons. To speed up the development of content, you can order boosting, including pumping to the maximum level, trading in a raid with the transfer of loot and coaching in the arena.

Plateau raid in The Burning

Sunwell Crusade Burning Crusade at the final stage of the story. The developers have added the latest patch Fury of the Sunwell 2.4, where the heroes have to stop the corrupted Kael’thas and fight the terrible demon lord Kil’jaeden. The raid dungeon includes six bosses. Unlike the old version, players do not need any preparatory tasks to get inside.

After killing each of the bosses, there is a small chance of getting loot. Among the rewards there are valuable items, accessories and weapons that will greatly increase the power of your character. To get everything at once, you can order boosting and transfer loot from traders. In this way, in 1-2 visits to the raid dungeon, you will receive the necessary items.

Sunwell Plateau loot:

  • Dragonscale-Encrusted longblade;
  • Legplates of the Holy juggernaut;
  • Brooch of the Highborne;
  • Shivering Felspine;
  • Grand Magister’s Staff of Torrents.

has Blizzard already announced the next addition to World of Warcraft – Wraith of the Lich King. The release is scheduled for autumn 2022. This is one of the most beloved and long-awaited additions among both fans of the classics and current patch. Players will once again have to face the undead and try to stop Prince Arthasbefore he destroys all of Azeroth.

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