Solitaire Games: 10 Tips to Aid You to Master the Card Game

Solitaire games have been in existence for a long time.  You can have great fun as they engage in this activity that provides entertainment as well as develop their concentration and mindfulness. There is a numerous array of variations on the solitaire games, using either one or more decks of cards, with various complexity of rules and skill levels. Let’s look at the tips and bits to master the solitaire card games

Here we will give you an overview on the best tips to help you master the Solitaire games.

  1.     Get a hang of the rules

Just like any other card games, Solitaire games involve rules that need to be learnt to improve one’s winning chances. Learning the rules of this card game is essential as deeper understanding makes winning easier and more fun. Mastering the rules enables you to take calculated steps while playing the games.

The card games can be played using physical cards or even online; whatever the case may be, the specific features and rules must be known and well understood to teach you what you are supposed to do when engaged in the activity.

  1.     Understand the game setup

You can learn how to play the card game by having a deep understanding of the game setup.  To play the solitaire game, you need to understand the basics which is the setup and it is the tricky part of the game.  This part of the game involves knowing the following; foundations, tableau, talon, stock, cards usage and card placements. The objective in this card game is to position the cards in the foundations by sequence from low to high, or Ace to the king.

  1. Choose the best and easiest Solitaire games for you

There are several types of Solitaire and it is best to select the easiest one that enables you to have endless fun. It is a better option to be the master of one type of the solitaire game than to be a master of none. To become a skillful player, you should choose one of the games which could be FreeCell, Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Tri-peaks, forty thieves and others. Go through the various types and make a selection that puts you at ease and practice more to become an expert in the game.

  1.     Without the king, don’t empty a tableau spot

The kings are important in the solitaire. The kings are significant to command the free spaces on your spots.  It is a costly mistake to empty the spots and remove all the cards from the slots without a king to fill the space. This can block off the chance of a good playoff until luck comes to reveal another king. When you free up a space, continue to pick the lord that acts as the assistance when you free more spaces.

  1.     Use the card games colors when filling the spaces

You should understand the colors that match when playing the solitaire. The ability to fill the spot with a red or back color is another useful skill that must be utilized wisely. This means that you have to analyze the cards carefully to avoid being stuck when stacking the piles and maintain the best order in the pile. All that is needed is to master the basic rules in making the right moves. The foundation piles are stacked from the aces to the kings and sequences are from kings aces of diverse colors. It is advisable to think smart before making moves.

  1.     Target and expose the larger stacks to reveal the hidden cards

This is a tip to consider when engaged in this activity or the solitaire. It is a wise decision to target and expose the larger or big stacks first in the columns to get to the hidden packs. This enables you to reveal more useful cards to stack more piles.

  1.     Be aware of the object in a solitaire games

In the solitaire game, the aim is to move all the cards into the foundations. At the beginning of the games, the stacks are empty and each stack pile represents a suit which could be the cubs, hearts and so on. The cards are stacked by suit and in order which starts with the ace and ending with the queen and the king in the separate piles.

  1.     Master the art of using five, six, seven and eight cards

It is important to know the criteria that helps you to play the five, six, seven and eight cards to avoid dragging the game longer than expected.  These cards are regarded as one of the weak points that makes it easier to beat the player and stall the game for a long time. The cards should match the suit of the biggest number, be able to free a down cards and should be played when the cards appear first in a column.

  1.     The cards from the deck should be drawn first

This is a tip that should be considered first when you are actively engaged in this card game. It is a strategy that almost all players use during the game. As a beginner in the game, it is wise to draw the cards from the deck first to enable you to have diverse options when stacking the cards. This ensures efficiency and order and helps you to make a great move at the start of the game.

  1.  Use your intuition to think up strategies and practice more

It is a known saying that practice makes perfect. In every game, give it your best shot using different tactics and the efficient ones to be the best.  When you keep practicing, you become more ambitious, patient, logical and eventually a pro in the solitaire games. When you engage in this game, make use of your intuition in order to have an entertaining and fun game. Always aim at winning with the highest points at competitive games by utilizing all strategies and tips available to you.

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