Top 15 Sims 4 Poses Mods FREE Download – [UPDATED]

The Sims 4’s default game animations can get a little boring after a while. Bland. At moments, it’s far too restrained, and at other times, it’s far too overstated.

The limits can be particularly bothersome if you’re a story-based Simmer who enjoys capturing or producing stories with TS4 graphics.

Sometimes all you want to do is shoot images of your Sim sprinting across rooftops, lazing in bathtubs, or joining their friends in a mid-summer dog-pile. That’s something The Sims 4 vanilla can’t provide.

However, the Sims CC designers have done it again.

This time, we’re looking into the best bespoke poses. Get comfortable, grab a snack, and buckle up. There are a lot of them. To make it easier to comprehend, I’ve divided my choices into three categories: Group Poses, Solo Shots, and Shots that Require Accessories.

Let’s get started because it’s quite self-explanatory.

Best Sims 4 Poses Mods FREE Download

Group Poses Mods

If there’s only one Sim doing the poses, they’ll seem strange and out of place. Gather a group of two or more Sims for a fun photoshoot.

Andrew’s Pose Player must be installed in order to use these poses. You’ll need scumbabo’s “Teleport Any Sim” mod to place your Sims appropriately (as the poses intend).

1. Sibling Poses Mod by ratboysims




You can get a nice sentimental portrait of your Sim’s kids whether they love each other, hate each other, or are completely indifferent to each other.

All you’ll need is a posture player, a Sim teleporter (all links are in the category description), and a brightly coloured backdrop.

Sulani’s beaches come highly recommended. At any time of year, it’s just stunning.

This collection contains four poses that are only suitable for Toddlers and Children.

You can definitely have two Kids or two Toddlers (rather than one of each), but keep in mind that several of these poses require Sim A to carry Sim B, so keep that in mind… Before you set up, think about the logistics.

2. Sitting & Talking Pose Collection Mod by ratboysims




This collection of 40 (!!) various poses is ideal for alleged “stolen photographs” or scene-building. It’s amazing how the most basic of tasks (like holding a conversation) can be so difficult.

Don’t get me wrong: I adore the Sims 4’s animated talking style just as much as the next Sim. (Shout out, though, to the way the Sims in The Sims 3 talked; those animations were legendary.)

However, there are times when you want something a little less cartoony and a little more… real. Realistic.

This is where the poses come in handy.

These poses wonderfully portray the body quirks of having a spontaneous conversation, from subtle eyebrow rises to tiny finger movements, full-on leaning forward in expectation to slumped back in exasperation.

3. Times of Friends Mod by memoriesplasticine




Memoriesplasticine has created a charming Times of Friends position to capture the companionship of your Sims.

There are a plethora of group shot poses available now. Believe me when I say that I know what I’m talking about.

But I really like the poses that don’t look like your Sims are posing on purpose. In other words, studio setups vs. candids and stolen shots.

I’m all for the latter, which is why this small set of two poses for five to six Sims piqued my interest. The models appear to be at ease. I’m completely relaxed. It was just another day out with their group of friends who ride together and die together.

Who aren’t gazing directly at the camera.

For a group of six Sims, the first position is ideal. Only five people can fit in the second. However, if one or two persons are missing, there should be no problems.

There’s nothing the camera angle can’t cover up.

4. “Let’s Walk Together” Pose Pack by clumsyalien




Another set of discussion poses?

Yes, but this time they’re on their feet.

But let’s be honest. It’s fascinating to see the little physical perplexities that emerge when speaking with someone else.

And the softness of the models in this pose set has a curiously charming quality to it. It’s as though they’re actually having a fun and/or stimulating conversation.

These poses are best suited for candid, unplanned scenes, just like the Times of Friends poses.

Solo Poses Mods

It’s time for your Sims to shine.

They’re in the spotlight (and emphasis) of the photo with these solitary poses. These provide a range of poses for your Sim to take without the need for any other accessories or furniture (i.e., chairs, beds, etc.).

Andrew Studio’s Pose Player is required, as always. You won’t require scumbabo’s Teleport Any Sim mod because these are all independent standalone poses.

5. Model Poses 19 Posepack and CAS by HelgaTisha




These bespoke poses scream effortless power and natural badassery for the sensual, saucy, and downright sassy Sim.

Allow your Sim’s face and physique to speak for itself, as they have a lot to say.

This set includes 14 unique poses as well as five standard CAS poses (specifically, the poses for the Evil trait). The original poses all exude confidence and sex appeal, with a dash of smugness thrown in for good measure.

Basically ideal for Sims who are well aware of their attractiveness.

You’ll only need the Pose Player and a helluva sassy attitude to make these poses work.

Perhaps a fiery backdrop would be suitable.

6. Solo Pose 3




This stance back is the exact opposite of the previous Model Poses 19 pose pack, while being created by a different designer.

This posture set allows Male Sims to flaunt their confidence and sexy gravitas in style, unlike the previous pack, which was designed for strong, sassy, independent female Sims.

The majority of the ten poses exude that confident, pure alpha vibe: tall back, casual-yet-cool demeanour, mild peacocking. But there are a couple of startlingly shy boy-next-door poses tossed in for good measure.

7. Bad Bitch Redux Mod by eslanes




This Bad Bitch Redux position by eslanes might be exactly up your alley if you’re seeking for sassier, grungier, don’t-give-a-carp poses for ladies (again).

These poses aren’t just teasingly playful; they’re a clear warning to spectators to stay their distance, should they get a trendy leather boot up their arse and a few choice words hurled their way.

Sure, it’s intimidating, but it’s also visually appealing. It basically depicts the unafraid femme’s sheer power, and who doesn’t like that?

Have any Sims who aren’t scared to tell it like it is? Take these poses and begin pressing the ‘C’ key.

Poses that Need Accessories

As a result, these are mostly solo shots with props.

I decided to segregate them from the rest of the group just to make it plain that they require a little extra help to get things done, whether it’s a bed, a desk, a chair, or a miniature pumpkin cupcake.

So there’s no need to download these and then wonder why your Sim is hovering in mid-air.

Andrew’s Pose Player is required as always. You’ll also need the ever-reliable Teleport Any Sim mod by scumbabo for the poses that require furniture.

8. Halloween Gift 2020 Collab Mod with BackTrack by wasabi sims




Halloween never truly leaves the batty babes, alluring sirens, underworld overlords, and ghastly guys and gals.

It’s not so much a vacation as it is a way of life.

So, with these lovely spoopy poses by Wasabi Sims, say it loud and proud. There are ten in total, and each one tells a tale in its own unique way.

Of course, with the appropriate accoutrements.

(If not, you’d have a guy gesticulating to nothing and a female clutching nothing.)

If you want to complete the look, you’ll need these adorable Halloween accessories from BackTrack, with whom the developer of this stance collaborated.

9. Thoughts Mod by Pandorassims4cc




It’s possible to make your Sims broody and reflective in the comfort of their own house (rather than out on the streets, squatting on curbs and park benches). With these odd, but creative, quasi-contortionist poses.

For the record, I prefer to think things through in bed, ideally with pillows and comfortable blankets. You do you if you like to think about your worries in an office chair with your legs crossed and your palm lingering tremulously over your heart.

There are no conclusions to be drawn here.

Aside from that, it makes for a fun photography.

Quick note: these poses will work with any chair, base game or otherwise, as long as the height isn’t changed.

10. Phone Call Poses Mod by ratboysims




These are some of my all-time favourite poses. What’s more, there’s a reason for it.

I understand that the notion isn’t original. There are a lot of phone conversation poses for the Sims 4 out there.

There aren’t a lot of selections in the pack as well. It’s enough to be termed a pack with six poses, but that’s not a lot when compared to most pose packs, which include upwards of fifteen variations.

The expressions in this pack, on the other hand, completely blew me away.

I’ll be the first to confess that the facial expression on a lot of custom poses turns me off. I mean, I understand. It’s right there in the name: poses. You’re there to see what the body is up to.

However, when all of the focus is on how the body appears, the face appears to be really uninteresting. And I’m not a huge fan of the word “meh.” I want to witness the expressions on my Sim’s faces when they dive into a pool, scale a cliff wall, or parkour their way over a bench.

As a result, I was won over by ratboy’s Phone Call Poses. The model’s reactions are so gentle, sweet, and beautifully unfiltered that you can tell she’s at ease chatting to whomever is on the other end of the line.

Don’t forget to pick up the phone attachment (thanks to Sims CC creator quiddity) as well!

11. Bathtub Poses by rue




As I previously stated, there are numerous custom phone conversation poses.

This one is no exception. But!

I believe the notion is marginally more original. Thousands of Sims would consider having phone conversations while lying in bed or on the couch.

How many people actually use it in the tub?

Bonus points for a unique spin on a fairly familiar concept. As much as the next person, I can enjoy a unique resting area, and hey. Allow your Sim to snuggle up in a bathtub if that is how they prefer to relax.

But I’ll tell you the truth. I arrived for the tub, but I remained for the looks. I’ve already given my entire “I want to see emotions!” presentation. ” spiel in the previous entry, so I won’t go over it again. I’ll point out that the developer created four variations of each stance (for a total of five poses) based on four different emotions: neutral, anxious, furious, and pleased.

This is the kind of meticulous attention to detail that I like.

You’ll need a phone once more. You can utilise quiddity’s accessory if you already have it, or this one by r-jayden, which is recommended by the pose developer.

12. Come to My Window + Open Window Poses by hula zombie




Because (1) they were created by the same person and (2) the Open Window Poses pack requires the object.package file from the Come to My Window pack, I’m integrating them.

So why not, I reasoned.

Both of these packs were quite enjoyable to me. They’re both quite unique, tell a similar storey, and provide two different perspectives on the same concept: what if your Sim was confined inside and only had access to the outside world through the window?

It also doesn’t have to be overly dramatic.

Sure, you could go with the whole “abusive/overprotective authority figure locks them in their room” scenario. You make your own decisions. However, you could just put it in the perspective of stepping outside after all of this chaos.

13. Bored in Bed Poses by katverse




You know those days when you’re stuck to your bed for no apparent reason?

There’s no rhyme or reason to it; just a heaping helping of boredom and idleness, topped off with a healthy dosage of ennui. Nothing on Netflix appeals to you, your social media feed is particularly uninspiring, you’re unproductive and restless, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Except if your right shoulder is cramping and you’re bored of staring at the door, roll onto your back and stare at the ceiling.

That’s the exact storey this posture set is supposed to tell, and it does so admirably.

There are a total of five poses, and all you actually need is a bed (vanilla game or custom content should work just fine).

14. No Mood Pose Pack by katverse




I understand that The Sims is a simulation game, and that it is consequently designed to closely resemble real life. But, oh my god. I’ve never felt so strongly about a computer-generated entity before.

The teaser photographs reminded me of snapshots from a typical Wednesday night.

I suppose that’s what lockdown will do to you.

These five poses, like the previous pack, perfectly portray what it’s like to be alone, listless, and sluggish. The main distinction is that this posture pack depicts the sense of trying but failing to be productive.

Every. single. time.

You may not be in the mood to socialise at all times. Alternatively, you may go about your business like a normal grownup. It happens all the time.

These poses are required for capturing those classic phases of languid disassociation if we actually want our Sims to mirror our lives.

In a nutshell, this posture pack? Relatable. It should be downloaded as soon as possible.



I hope that you liked my efforts bringing to you the best Sims 4 Poses Mods that are free to download. There are some other mods also available that you can check out on our Sims page.

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