RPA Developer, Salary, Responsibilities

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a relatively new domain that is gaining traction in recent years. If you are curious to know more about RPA Developer’s role, responsibilities, and salary, you are in the right place. We will discuss everything about RPA that will help you make a career transition or advancement. If anyone is interested in taking up a certification to master UiPath, check out this amazing UiPath Certification

What is an RPA Developer? 

RPA Developer tries to automate a business process by creating workflow diagrams to document different processes strategically. RPA Developer’s role is to streamline the entire business process. In different organizations, an RPA Developer is called with different titles like “Process Architect”, “Project Manager”, etc. RPA Developers often work with Business Analysts to optimize and enhance business workflow.

Now we have discussed what is an RPA Developer, it’s important to know the skills that an RPA Developer must possess. 

RPA Developer Skills

Developing these skills is a sure shot to becoming an RPA Developer. 

Technical skills:

Programming Languages

You must learn languages like C, C++, Python, Java, R, JavaScript, etc. 

RPA Tools and other platforms

The best tools out there are UiPath, BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, etc. Read this UiPath Tutorial for Beginners to get a better idea. 

Database Management

You must know how to manage databases. These could be SQL or NoSQL databases. 

Soft skills:

Problem Solving

This skill is required to expect and solve any problem coming their way of execution. It helps in smoothening out the execution of tasks. 

Analytical skills

This skill is highly desired within the RPA community. It’s important to analyze information and make decisions to increase efficiency. 

Strategic planning

It’s a crucial aspect of their job to make strategic planning considering all options and resources to harness maximum efficiency. 


Communication skills are a must for every organization and role. They must be proficient in explaining and communicating their requirements and ideas in the most efficient way possible to streamline business processes. 

RPA Roles and Responsibilities

We will discuss various RPA Developer roles and responsibilities here to help you get an idea of how you will be able to smooth out and automate business processes. 

  • Identify and design business processes for automation
  • Set up, test, and monitor automated workflows to ensure maximum efficiency is clocked without errors. 
  • Have to monitor and maintain automation post-implementation and resolve any potential issues affecting business operations.
  • Must refine business processes through proper documentation outlining successes, mistakes, etc. 
  • Have to ensure quality using Quality Assurance (QA) processes. 

RPA Developer Salary

With increasing digitalization and automation across various industries, the demand for RPA Developers is shooting up. And that’s the reason why RPA Developers are some of the highest-paid IT professionals. 

RPA Developers earn an average annual salary of INR 5,00,000 in India and USD 73,741 in the USA, according to PayScale.com. 


Here in this blog, we discussed various topics ranging from RPA Developer, their roles and responsibilities to their salary. Hope this blog has enriched your insights on the RPA career path.

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