Pluses and Minuses of Personal Finance Software

You may spend as much time as you want learning about investing or figuring out where it’s most cost-effective to create a bank account and purchase money. A person’s personal budget is the first step toward genuine financial literacy – Dataart have rounded up the top 7 apps to help you get there.


For those with mobile banking and a common budget

To deposit money, you just drag a coin from the selected wallet to the expenditure item. After debiting, you may check your account balance.

With CoinKeeper, you can set a fixed monthly limit on certain categories and keep track of how much you’ve already spent. And also synchronize with other devices and keep a joint budget, for example, with family members.


  • Data from the mobile banking app may be imported in its entirety at once.
  • Recurring payment reminders are organized by category.
  • Customizable data: you decide how to categorize your income and spending and establish your own goals and restrictions.


  • Intrusive ads remain in the app even after purchasing a premium subscription.
  • The joint accounting function is paid.


Keep track of all your spending and revenue, particularly if they’re made in foreign currencies.

The user interface of Monefy is visually appealing and easy to use. On the main page, you may see a graph of all of your costs broken down by day, week, or month in many categories. Multiple currencies are supported by the app.


  • You can select a reporting period and compile visual statistics of expenses with graphs.
  • Supports multiple accounts at the same time.
  • There is a built-in calculator.


  • There are problems with synchronization with banking applications and other devices.
  • The functions of joint and multi-currency accounting and payment planning are paid.

Money lover

For those who want to control every penny. The application has many subcategories, you can also manage them – add or delete.

In order not to forget to write down the expenses at the specified time, the user can set a reminder. And there is also a travel mode – all expenses are marked with a separate label, and they can be tied to different people!


  • Possibility to deposit still unpaid invoices in advance.
  • Notifications about reaching the established limit and notifications about mandatory payments.


  • You cannot synchronize the application with Russian banks.
  • The functions of importing data into Excel and the possibility of accounting in the desired currency are paid.

“Zen Money: Cost Accounting”

For everyone who uses cards and wants to keep track of their finances.

Nice UI and pie charts for statistics. The program scans checks, detects bank messages, and imports data from financial apps.


  • The app’s analytics and data help plan the month’s budget: how much money is required for necessary payments, how much is spent on various categories, and how much is left public.
  • Data is imported into Excel.


  • Data is not always imported correctly, and synchronization with banks does not always work.
  • The functions of recognizing messages from banks and scanning checks are paid.

Money flow

For those who need to track, in as much detail as possible, where and what exactly the money was spent on.

A classic equipment finance planner with a simple and concise design. The application is synchronized with other devices, and spending is available in the form of a tape of operations or a chart. There is a function of repeating operations – for example, you can link the payment of a loan and not enter data every month manually.


  • You can attach images to activities.
  • Accounting for transfers between your accounts.
  • You can add geotags and remember the locations of operations.


  • The functions of protecting the entrance from unauthorized persons and the ability to attach photos and geotags are paid.


This is for folks who like to buy on a whim and need to track their spending.

This free tool evaluates your monthly budget and sets daily spending limitations for you to utilize. The application will recalculate the budget if you change your spending patterns.


  • Increases discipline in matters of finance and helps to stay within a limited budget.


  • There are no spending categories.


Keeping a personal or family budget.

Like Too Heavy, the app estimates your spending limit and informs you when you’re nearing it. But the program includes conventional money management capabilities like synchronization and bank message detection.


  • Unlimited family wallets and personal expenses.
  • Detailed analysis of monthly results, which can be conveniently imported into PDF.


  • There may be problems using other currencies.
  • The functions of recognizing messages from banks, profile synchronization and attaching images are paid.

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