Speed boats are without question among the most beautiful modes of transportation available to contemporary man. They are strong, elegant, and sleek, and they have a modern air that makes them simple to fall in love with. They are, however, more than simply great boats: they also make fantastic decorations. You may get some high-end décor for your house, workplace, or marina. They also make excellent gifts for anyone in your life who enjoys traveling or who owns a boat.

Speed boats and miniature boats are trendy among collectors because they symbolize some of the most intriguing advances in boating engineering.

Riva Ariston

Riva Ariston Classic European luxury in the form of a superbly built Riva Ariston boat type. Riva is a passion and a manifestation of dreams. Always innovative, always ahead of its time, always displaying unrivaled elegance and craftsmanship, Riva succeeds at all boat events and on all marketplaces throughout the world. Along with the Aquarama, the Ariston is probably Riva’s most well-known model, regarded as the purest traditional Riva shape and unquestionably one of its most famous. Entirely handcrafted, fully assembled, and ready to display


  • Handmade, wholly constructed, and prepared to show
  • Each piece of wood is attached to the body one at a time in a plank-on-frame design.
  • The deck is covered in mahogany and lacquered to highlight the original wood grain.
  • Fittings are made of brass and stainless steel, and there are no plastic parts.
  • Leather couches, metal spinners, directing wheel, horns, and an Italian flag are all standard features.

Chris Craft Barrel Back 75cm

The Chris Craft Barrel Back 1940 could grab your attention if you’re seeking for handmade wooden boat models to create the perfect ambiance in your office. This boat is an excellent example of one of the most well-known vintage American runabouts.

This 70cm Chris Craft Barrel Back 1940 wooden vintage model boat – unique with white inside is an excellent representation of what this boat should symbolize. Every effort has been made to capture the luxury of the Chris Craft, guaranteeing that this boat type can continue on the tradition of the legendary American Runabouts. This is a must-have for people who enjoy vintage, strong speedboats! In addition, it is ideal for boardrooms and model boat enthusiasts.


Handmade, wholly constructed, and ready for exhibition.

Chris Craft Barrel replica model boat Back in 1940, with a keen eye for detail.

Single wood strips were attached to the hull as part of the plank-on-frame construction.

Polished, smooth surface with many coats of paint and varnish.

Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane 50cm

This 50cm speedboat replica is an excellent addition to any model boat collection. It’s an ideal wooden model ships Australia, built with accuracy and devotion to detail. This is a meticulously constructed speedboat replica that stays true to the mythology of the Arno XI itself, from the architecture of the boat to the decorations across the hull. An excellent option for those who want fast-paced, dynamic ships that have made events today and in the past.


  • Each seating on the boat is made of genuine leather.
  • Metal is utilized for extras such as steering wheels and trumpets.
  • Gauges are also present on the boat; they are not stickers or decorations.
  • Colored to replicate the renowned design of the Arno XI, which set world records.
  • To reduce movement or risk, it arrives with a robust and stable hardwood foundation.

Riva Iseo 70cm

Being one of the greatest well-known names in the boating business, Riva is recognized for producing beautiful vessels. On the other hand, Riva Iseo is undoubtedly one of their most famous and recognized names. It’s a gorgeous boat that attempts to reflect some of the Riva brand’s elegance and eloquence while still having enough individuality to allow it a stand-out option for Riva fans. Just make sure to add an exalto wiper or two in your boat for extra safety, and you will be fine; we’re sure of it.


  • Entirely handmade, entirely constructed, and ready to show (not a kit)
  • Multiple wood strips were attached to the hull as part of the plank-on-frame structure.
  • The deck is covered in mahogany and lacquered to highlight the original wood pattern.
  • Glossy, smooth surface with many coats of paint and varnish.


Now you have seen much popular wooden speed, boat models. You can now clearly choose for yourself, can use it as a decoration piece at home or your office. It’s a perfect gift to give your travel-loving buddy.

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