Minecraft Server – How To Find Which One Is The Best?

When it comes to hosting a Minecraft server, there are many factors to consider. What type of hardware and bandwidth should you run it on? What system are the best mods for? Which server host will give you the most bang for your buck? All these things have a lot of importance. It is time to discuss the best way to choose genuine Minecraft bedrock servers from the online bulk.

  1. Choosing a host

You can go to your web browser and the website of Minecraft; you will find the most popular servers there. We want to warn you that it is not a good idea to rely on that list. Reaching the top doesn’t mean they should be your first choice.

The list hasn’t been updated in a long time, so the current kings of the Minecraft server business are missing from that list for sure, as well as other legit server hosting companies which deserve your attention but have no chance of making it onto that top 100 list because they are too small.

  1. Who is responsible for the server?

This is the first thing you must consider when choosing a hosting company. You must be sure of who will be in charge of your server. It must be a company with a long experience in providing quality services and guarantees for its clients. It doesn’t matter if you are a small project or want to use your server for many players. Certain priorities should be set and paid attention to.

  1. Choose a dedicated IP address

This is important if you want to run a bonnet of several thousand miners at once or serve more than thousands of people at once. As you understand, the more people will come to your server, the more strain there would be on your host. This strain can be reduced significantly by choosing a dedicated IP address. You can buy a permanent IP address or rent it for a while. In either case, it is much cheaper than a shared IP address.

  1. Choose the proper bandwidth plan

Bandwidth means how much data you can pass through the Internet per second. The speed at which the game server sends and receives data from other players depends on this parameter. This parameter also affects how fast you will receive updates in the game.

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