Meet the Australian Shepherd

Are you looking for a super smart, well-trained dog who wants to have fun at work? Then you can be mine! Whether it’s collecting cows or kids for breakfast, learning some great craft, or learning to be the best guide dog, I’m happiest when I have work to do. So I love the sport so much and I can fly the ball like a job. That’s not all! I’m a loyal and loving family dog, with a little training it can be a great companion for kids and other pets (I’m very happy to work with a pure RAWR cat!). Only one! As a shepherd dog, I need a lot of exercise and play to live my best life. Bored Australians can be a bit naughty. But if you focus on your work, it promises to make you happy every day.

History of the breed

Contrary to popular belief, my ancestors were not from Australia. They actually come from the Pyrenees on the border of the Basque country of France and Spain AKA. Known as the Pyrenean Sheepdog, they were prized sheepdogs by the Basque shepherds who lived there. In the 1800s, these shepherds learned that there were many pastures for cattle in the far reaches of Australia. Seizing the opportunity, they set sail with their precious canine cargo. In Australia, these Pyrenean sheepdogs are crossed with fine English herds such as border collies and collies. After the Basque Shepherds graze, they hear the wind on the greener pastures of California across the Pacific! Once again they set sail to a new world with their canine companions.

Care Tips

Consider DNA testing for your new pet

Discuss with your veterinarian whether they recommend DNA testing to check for potential genetic disorders and breed-specific health problems. For example, DNA testing will check for mutations in the multidrug resistance gene (MDR1) that cause many Australians to react severely to common drugs.

Get an important health checkup recommended by your veterinarian

In addition to annual checkups, vaccines and parasite prevention, ask your veterinarian if your pet needs specific health checkups. For knowing australian shepherd puppies for sale near me just click on this link, this may include x-ray examinations for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia and eye exams of your dog (along with regular eye exams) Hereditary eye diseases such as Distichal, Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), and cataracts.

Plan to exercise at least 1-2 hours per day

Australians are very active sports breeds that require a nutritious, balanced diet and plenty of physical activity to remain happy, healthy and well-adapted Closed Australians can quickly become boring and destructive Australians. Having a fenced yard is ideal for dogs to run and play with, but Australians also get along well with people for long walks, runs and hikes. They also enjoy task-oriented sports like fly ball and agility!

Training Tips

Don’t wait too long to socialize your puppy

Australians are loyal and protective of their people and turf, but can feel tired and territorial around strangers without proper socialization. When your puppy builds immunity during the initial vaccination series, you can start acclimatizing them to the outside world. At 16 weeks, your puppy will be vaccinated and ready for total adventure. Whether you’re going to a puppy class, a friend’s house, or a walk on a new street, the more comfortable they are with new friends, pets, and places early on, the better they’ll be able to adapt to them in the future.

Teach your Australians how to control their impulses

Australians have a natural urge to herd and may try to herd children, other pets – even you! While you can’t change their impulses, you can help them guide their behavior appropriately by controlling them. For example, if your dog likes to jump up to grab toys from you, or rush out the door as soon as you open it, teach them to “sit” and “stay” until you line up to pick up the toy or leave outside, then use Reward them with hospitality and praise. Australians are eager to please and excel through positive reinforcement.

Make sure you exercise your pup’s mind too!

While physical activity is key to keeping energetic Australians happy and well behaved, so too is mental stimulation. As smart working dogs, they are happiest when they have a problem to solve or a job to do. Get them thinking with basic training, educational toys, and brain games. Finally, find a sport to channel their herding instincts and challenge their minds, like fly ball, treibball, disc dog or agility training!

Why buy dog ​​insurance? From pumpkin

While the Australian Shepherd is a generally healthy breed, unexpected rush-RoHS can occur in any dog ​​of any age. If your puppy is injured or sick, pet insurance can help you say “yes” to the best care, even if it’s expensive. When buying your variety, you’ll want to choose insurance like pumpkin that covers genetic diseases that are prone to develop in Australia and can be expensive to treat while a reputable breeder will carry out genetic testing of your puppy’s parents to help minimize the chance of genetic disorders — they’re not always avoidable.

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