Lost Ark: From which quests can you farm Harmony Shards?

Plenty of Harmony shards are all you need if you want to quickly get to the Tier One gear level in Lost Ark. In addition to stone fragments and Harmony Leapstones, these resources will allow your character to hone gear and take it to the next level.

After your character level in Lost Ark reaches level 50, you’ll find that lost ark gold and honoring gear will be two of the most important aids you will have on your way down the road. And Harmony Shards are a great resource for the entire honing process. While you’ll be all-out at first, gear level and success rate are inversely proportional, meaning that while you may gain a lot of crystals by farming trumpets for your main account, Harmony Shards cannot be transferred, and you may Will run short of them multiple times before reaching Tier Two.

Fortunately, in Lost Ark, we can earn these resources in many ways. Generally speaking, players commonly use methods to obtain these resources through daily raids and dungeons and various quests. Each character can complete one quest, and each time they will receive Harmony Shards as a reward. We can only claim once some other rewards per account. Below are all quests to complete that reward these resources.

Ways To Farm Harmony Shards

  1. Islands/Mainland Quests

Most of the islands in the Sea of Gienah are scattered with yellow quests that provide tier-one honing materials. It may be stone or debris. You can check the list of rewards by talking to the NPC offering the quest to determine if you want to complete them.

The same is true for Tier-one regions, typically North Vern, Shushire, and Rohendel. When you see a yellow icon on the map, just go there and talk to the NPC to see if it’s worth completing based on its reward.

Some main island quests, the purple ones, will give you Harmony Shards as a reward in addition to the Island Token. On these islands below, you can get a lot.

  • Serenity Isle
  • Toto Silver
  • Freedom Isle
  • Blackfang’s Den
  • Kharmine’s Lair
  • Peyto Island
  • Lullaby Island
  • Astella
  • Starlight Isle
  • Panda Island
  • Golden Wave Island
  • White Wave Island
  • Kalthertz
  • Fantasm Island
  • Glacier Isle
  • Shadow Island
  • Toto Silver Island
  • Dreamgull Island (Foret’s Minuet required)

Doing all of this can take hours, but only once, and the rewards you get in the end are worth it. If you don’t want to beat the level just yet, the faster ones to complete are Toto Silver, the beginning of the Starlight Isle quests, Dreamgull Island, White Wave Island, and Shadow Island, for example. These islands are on the east side of Arkesia because it will lock the west side until you reach a certain average item level.

  1. Daily tasks

Daily tasks reset each day at 11AM local time. You can do two Guardian Raids per day (don’t forget to collect their souls), two Chaos Dungeons, and three Una’s Tasks. There are also weekly quests that start on Thursday, and right after the reset, you can continue to complete them for more rewards. But if you think you’ll reach Tier 2 in a few days, don’t take them now, because you can replace Tier 2 materials with those weekly quests.

If you still need Harmony Shards after completing the daily quests for a few days and completing the Island Quests, you can play Chaos Dungeons but you won’t get as many rewards, and it won’t be a huge timesaver either.

  1. Una’s Tasks

It is also very familiar to people who play Lost Ark regularly. If you’re willing to complete Una’s Tasks, you’ll also receive nice Harmony Shards. You can view the list by pressing Alt+J or by clicking the menu in the Adventure tab. You can complete three daily tasks or weekly tasks, depending on your own interests.

  1. Buy Harmony Shards at game’s shops

If you still need more Harmony Shards, you can also buy some Harmony Shards directly at in-game stores such as the Guild Shop. After that, you can trade them for Sylmael Bloodstones or a Merchant Ship. However, these items have a weekly cap. So it’s not infinite.

  1. PvP

Finally, you can also get more Harmony Shards by playing PvP mode. When you reach a certain level, you’ll receive rewards, including honing gear that adjusts to the level your character has reached.

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