Live Craps Online With Friends: Gambling Soars Post Covid-19

The Canadian iGaming industry has come a long way in the last few years. As more virtual casinos offer live dealer games, the popularity of this iGaming niche grows by the day. The live casino, which combines the best elements of the brick-and-mortar casino with the digital experience, is quickly becoming a popular choice for players to play live craps online.

Craps is widely regarded as one of the most thrilling and dynamic live casino table games. More importantly, it can be extremely profitable if you understand the rules and use the proper strategy. Because of the high demand for the game, the majority of software providers have launched it, so you can now find craps in online casino websites.

Have you ever tried your hand at craps? There are numerous craps game variants, and the rules of the game can differ from one casino to the next. However, the fundamentals are the same for any variation or online casino. You will be rolling dice and placing numbers on a table. Your task is to place a wager on the outcome of the dice.

To do so, drag your chips to the location where you want to place your bet. There are numerous betting options available in the game, making it an exciting game with a high chance of winning. One of the most popular options for players is live online craps gambling.

When casinos closed and people stayed at home to isolate themselves during the pandemic, some gamblers turned to online gaming to win in craps.

By far the largest market for poker technology is in online poker platforms. For good reason, America’s Cardroom, Ignition, PokerStars, and many others spend a lot of time and money perfecting their platforms to cater to the players.

Most online sites take a significant rake in the same way that casinos make money off poker tables, and it’s difficult to find a site with a rake of less than 5%.

Some of these online poker sites (ACR and Ignition) are based in foreign countries. Because online real money poker is illegal in many states. In addition, the player bases on these sites are larger than those in PokerStars, which only operates in three states.

Players simply accept this cost, knowing that the rake generated is a cost worth paying in order to access a table and enjoy themselves from whatever remote location they may find themselves in.

The User Interface

As a poker player, I would love to see online poker sites improve their user interface, as many are still buggy and out of date. A streamlined interface, combined with the same capabilities as older programs, would enable them to be marketed and gain a user base.

Live poker provides a number of potential avenues for innovation.

There is an industry-standard for in-table, 2-deck card shufflers (DeckMate), which appears to work well but could be improved (picture below). Casino chips and live dealers work well together. Automated dealers would be difficult to implement in casinos because the action of a game changes a lot based on player decisions (straddles, bomb pots, missing blinds, etc.).

Furthermore, casinos face subjectivity issues with some decisions, such as when a casino needs to “call the floor”/escalate any issues.

Keeping Up To Date

I believe there is a need for a better at-home monitoring system for play craps online. There is currently only one iPhone app that accomplishes this. Bravo Poker Live, is well-known in the poker community but is not the easiest to use. 

Bravo Poker Live does provide information on local casino poker games and how many tables are active, how long the waitlist is, and a direct phone number to the poker room. Bravo Poker Live has promotions in both languages (jackpots and high-hands). However, the app is extremely out of date and buggy.

For example, entering a zip code causes the app to crash, and waitlist times are frequently inaccurate. Many of the basic functions simply do not work in practice, and the application cannot even fit on the larger screens of the newer iPhone models.

Despite the fact that Bravo recently released a long-awaited update, there is still much room for improvement in order for a streamlined application to successfully merge the worlds of poker and technology.


Gambling is legal in Canada, so you can play live craps online. Some casinos will not have this option, but the best ones will have a wide variety of games, including online craps Canada. Some even have different variations of the games, so you can read their rules and guidelines and choose the one you prefer.

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