Key aspects of a successful startup

As practice shows, only 10% of all presented mobile applications are cost-effective and bring profit to owners. Most remain unclaimed and only take up space. The reasons why the rejection rate is so high are very different:

  • Incorrect assessment of the needs of the target audience. No matter how annoying the question of consumer research, the study of consumer preferences remains one of the most relevant aspects of startup success. The thing is that many young entrepreneurs are guided by the false idea that a software product will be used based on the high demand for similar solutions. Meanwhile, the mobile application should solve the real problem of the user.
  • Unsuccessful monetization model. On some platforms, such as Android, consumers rarely download software. The developer can earn income by showing ads. At the same time, it is important to occupy the largest possible percentage of the niche and, accordingly, keep the attention of users.
  • The project is not developed. In the face of fierce competition, it is required to release updates, respond to changing preferences, and motivate the user.
  • Lack of funds. Before launching a startup, it is important to correctly calculate your strengths. The goal you set must be realistic.

As practice shows, successful startups are obtained in the hands of fanatically minded professionals, for whom business is not only a job, but also a lifestyle. For example, Steve Jobs was a talented marketer and designer who managed to design his devices at the beginning of the active development of the information technology era. Everyone knows that the future millionaire made his first inventions while still a high school student, more for entertainment than for making money. Passion for electronics and technology in the future revealed a huge potential. It was only through a sincere interest and an unrelenting thirst for knowledge that Jobs pioneered the first computerized systems. But of course there are startup development stages to follow.

Do what interests you

Routine work quickly incinerates interest. In numerous interviews with developers, you can often catch one simple truth – it is important to take your real place where work will bring not only profit, but also pleasure. Even if you have an interesting idea and financial opportunities, it is not always possible to make a successful startup. In addition to opportunities and skills, real, lively interest is needed, because numerous obstacles can eventually break interest, and real passion will never subside.

Assessment of problems and opportunities

Any new niche is another opportunity. At the same time, one should not forget that the client will part with his money only if the startup solves the problem that has arisen. Where you can get by or replace your product with another, there is an imbalance of possible solutions.

The classic problem-solution planning architecture will never lose its relevance. Moreover, the real sustainability and success of a business is based on the potential of problem disclosure. You can not be guided by momentary passion or operate with “unstable” models in the hope of winning over part of the consumer audience with a simple analogue without having an eccentric idea. At the same time, one should not forget the simple truth that the goal must be real, tangible.

Marketing research

After identifying a market niche, developers need to focus their capabilities and understand the real shape of the needs. The issue of disclosure of problems is the backbone of marketing policy. Technically, you can understand the depth of the problem being solved by interviewing the focus group. At the same time, the selection of respondents should be carried out from various “classes” of people. The quality of the information received will be based not only on the number of survey participants, but also on location, information and demographic components.

After customer research and specification of the problem, the development team can proceed to the production steps of the solution. At the same time, entering the market is possible only after a detailed assessment of the competitive environment and qualitative research. Digitalsuits is ready to help conduct research.

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