Is the cost to develop a flutter app going down in 2021?

When Flutter was released, React Native was by far the most popular mobile framework out there. However, the tables have turned — it’s Flutter’s time to shine. Businesses can now use Flutter to create high-quality native apps for Android and iOS. Flutter app development cost is lower than other frameworks. In this article, we will review how much does it cost to create a Flutter app and are the prices going down in 2021.

What is Flutter

How much does Flutter app development cost? Without knowing the true nature of Flutter, we cannot understand why it is so popular right now.

So, what exactly is Flutter?

Flutter is the new SDK from Google that lets you code using one codebase to create apps for multiple operating systems. This tool has been especially designed for cross-platform mobile app development. You can use it to build applications for Android or iOS, as well as Windows, Mac, Linux.

Main benefits of using Flutter

According to Statista, Flutter has surpassed React Native in 2021. Which are the reasons for it?

  1. A single codebase: – Both Flutter and React Native use a single codebase. Each makes it possible to build apps in record time. But, in practice, Flutter is slightly better than React Native.
  2. Outstanding documentation: The Flutter documentation is excellent – it contains a large number of guides and code examples and helps with nearly every aspect of the framework.
  3. Fast loading speed: – Dart provides better performance without a JavaScript bridge. Because Dart natively translates into code that runs directly on the device, you don’t need to worry about your app running smoothly.

Cost to develop a Flutter app — important factors

Many entrepreneurs wonder whether the price of Flutter app development will go down as more and more developers enter its niche.The cost to develop a Flutter app depends on several factors, though.


If you’re looking to outsource your Flutter application development, look no further than Eastern Europe. The region has produced some of the most formidable tech developers — and it’s incredibly affordable. Outsourcing to Ukraine and Russia can cost as little as $30/hour, compared to $120+ in Western Europe and $150+ in the United States.

Type of employment

When implementing Flutter apps, you should make sure to hire experienced developers. Many factors form the Flutter developer hourly rate: from pay rate to social benefits and bonuses.

  1. In-house devs: Hiring in-house developers is an important long-term investment, but it’s also an expensive one. Getting someone on-board means more than just salary and recruitment fees; you’ll also need to budget for medical, social security, and other benefits, not to mention office equipment and extra funds for new furniture or equipment.
  2. Freelancers: Freelancers are indeed an excellent way to cut down on the expenses of a project, but they aren’t necessarily the best bet for businesses that can truly scale. When firms outsource development work to freelancers, they must do so with care because hiring a third party to build your product can sometimes be problematic. Consider that freelancers often have limited technical skills and cannot carry out large-scale projects that require long-term commitment or teams of developers.
  3. Offshore companies: Employing freelancers is a great option for smaller companies, but larger companies may prefer outsourcing the work to an offshore company. Although this arrangement does mean that you will lose out on some flexibility and end up paying higher hourly rates, you may benefit from the deep talent pool and additional resources that remote teams can bring to projects.

Type of apps

Software development is a complex task. Some apps can be created in a month or two, while others can take up to a year and require dozens of coders and testers. The cost for creating an app depends on the complexity of the app: simple apps cost less than $25,000, while complex ones might cost ten times as much.


Mobile app development pricing depends on many factors; the timeline, difficulty of the project, and location of the developers all impact the price. If you want to get an app developed quickly and cheaply, look towards hiring developers from Eastern Europe. Тhe cost to develop a Flutter App in those countries might be not only reasonable — it might well be a bang-for-the-buck.

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