Is It the End of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer In Manchester United?

Manchester United’s head coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s job, may be hanging on the line. This is after among the most humiliating defeats in the team’s history. Recently, Manchester United was beaten 5-0 by Liverpool. The big question is, did he do enough in the matches to retain his job? However, the Manchester Club Management decided to keep Solskjaer in the team despite severe pressure to dismiss him following the humiliating defeat against Liverpool.

Solskjaer changed the team’s formation to a three-center back system to ensure the team performed excellently following the defeat. The plan seemed to work as they secured a win against Tottenham and a draw with Atlanta, which was better than the humiliating 5-0 defeat from Liverpool.

However, the next game between the all-time rival Manchester City scratched the unhealed wound as Manchester United was again humiliated with a 2-0 win at home. Several speculations all over the place indicate that the club management will continue sticking with him. Manchester United has become a gamblers nightmare, you never really know what to expect when they hit the pitch. But you can always stay up to date on live scores, injury reports, or last minute changes by checking this android betting app which also allows you to get in on the action even if you’re on the go. 

 Ole Gunnar’s Statements

At the end of the derby, Ole Gunnar spoke to the press, saying he communicated well with the team and the club management. He also claimed to be transparent and honest about all that was happening in the team. He also claimed that he is a dedicated worker for Manchester and that his ultimate goal as long as he is in the team is to ensure that he improves the team and brings it back to its initial glory.

At the end of the match with Atlanta, Ole Gunnar also spoke to the press, saying that the team did not trust itself and passed the ball poorly. He also confirmed to the whole world that Manchester United was not at the same level as other teams in the Premier League. He said they were far off compared to the end of the last season and the beginning of the current season, promising to bring the team back there.

The 48-year-Old Coach’s statements show that all teams that have played against Manchester United, including Manchester City and Liverpool, have precise movements, patterns, and game plans that Man United misses. The team’s shortcomings have been seen in all games forcing individual players like Christiano Ronaldo to use their experience and score goals.

 Ole Gunnar’s Shortcomings

One of the significant shortcomings for the head coach is signing up new players who cost a lot of money, yet there is a general lack of performance for the team. Some of the big signings to the team in the offseason include Jadon Sancho, who was bought at $93 million from Borussia Dortmund. Christiano Ronaldo was also signed at  $16 million, which was paid to Juventus and Raphael Varane at a signing of $44 million paid to Real Madrid.

Ole Gunnar is also facing all the blame for the team’s historically humiliating performance, seeing that there has only been one win in the six league games already played. Manchester United is currently nine points behind Chelsea, the leaders. The team has been removed from the Carabao League Cup. The historical embarrassing 5-0 beating from Liverpool and Manchester’s 2-0 defeat are all blamed on Ole Gunnar.

Football fanatics worldwide also seem to be blaming Ole Gunnar for his poor lineup selections and tactics. There has been an overall lack of coordination and organization in most games that Manchester has played. Many people also speculate that most team members have lost trust in him and employ their skills and moves to score goals for the team.

A few people claim that Ole Gunnar needs more time in the team to understand his players. Some also claim that there is a problem with the overall club management. The bottom line is that Ole Gunnar is taking all the blame from the numerous fans worldwide.

Ole Gunnar’s Contract

Unknown to many, Gunnar’s contract runs through 2024 and is open to a possibility of an extra season. This was a three-year extension after leading the club to be the Premier League runners-up and taking the club to the Europa League final, where they lost to Villarreal through penalties.

Solskjaer is the only long-serving coach with the most player investment after the long era of legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson. 

Ole Gunnar’s Possible Successor

There have been rumours that if Solskjaer were to leave the team, his most viable replacement would be  Antonio Cont. This may, however, not be possible as Conte joined Tottenham Hotspurs, replacing Nuno Espirito. There are also rumours that Zinedine Zidane may also replace Ole Gunnar despite publicly declaring that he is not interested in the job.

Manchester United is a big team globally but I guess we have to wait and see what the future holds for both Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United Club.

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