How You Can Choose The Best Baby Clothes

Why does dressing when you’re round seem complicated to you? In itself it is not complicated. It is the current society which affirms that it is to force you to the consumption with blow of plans and products of all kinds. But creating your personal style isn’t just for women with slim builds. This is what fashion magazines or the dictates of this consumer society have you believe: perfect bodies in all circumstances furnish our living spaces. By dint of crossing them, they become the norm. Our company therefore makes you think that it is imperative to correspond to well-defined criteria of beauty to be happy and well in your sneakers. Key concepts of dress style can help you find the personal style that will make you shine.

Know Your Body Type Perfectly

Your body is the first key to improving your style. Consciously knowing that you have an O-silhouette will allow you to move forward and use the tools available to you to shine a light on yourself. Having an O -shape means that you have shapes distributed all over your body and that your waist is not very marked. For the wholesale girls clothes this is important.

Your feminine forms are your assets. The important thing will be not to hide behind clothes that are too loose and too loose. Rather, it will be about highlighting your curves and balancing your top and bottom. As well as marking your size to have the right proportions and makes you feminine.

Play On the Vertical Lines to Lie Down

To find your harmony, you will be able to play with the lines of your clothes. In this benevolent little game, it is the vertical lines that prevail because they throw you forward. Whereas on the contrary, the horizontal lines will tend to pack you down.

To create vertical lines with your clothes, wear:

  • An inverted sailor top (the vertical stripes will lengthen your bust).
  • A top with a V neckline.
  • Coats open to the hips or just below the hips.
  • Dark colored vests or cardigans (gray, navy blue, burgundy, emerald green) above your lighter tops to create this verticality.
  • Also choose your jeans and pants in dark tones and in good fabrics, in straight cuts, always for the vertical effect. Or a flare cut to balance your figure.
  • Your trapeze model skirts to fluidity your hips or pencil model to shape them.

With Your Heeled Shoes

And yes, no secret, shoes with heels make you slender and shape your legs. They have the chic to give you an elegant look in no time. If you are reluctant to wear high heels for the sake of comfort, you can definitely opt for heels of 4 to 6 cm. Instead, choose a square and thick heel to create harmony with your build. A wedge heel will also be very practical. For the Wholesale Fashion women Clothing  items this is essential.

With Your Accessories

Nothing like a pretty long necklace to lengthen your bust and highlight it thanks to its vertical line. Choose it in your favorite metal, be it silver or gold. From beautiful earrings also illuminate your face. And for your bag, opt instead for a medium to large model so that it is proportional to your figure. Do not wear it over the shoulder but rather on the arms or with the hip so as not to accentuate your hips.

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