How to Write a Stunning Admission Essay

Nothing about applying to a college is easy. Yet, somehow, an admission essay can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process. Indeed, it’s an essential but highly challenging part of the application procedure. Young people have to write to impress. Not everyone takes such a task lightly. 

Often, students get too anxious about writing personal essays like this one. In other cases, young people tend to overthink things, suffer from cliche writing, or fail to stay sincere. However, there is a lot riding on this task to fail. So, you better learn about admission essay writing in advance. Here are a few tips and rules you should follow to impress admission boards. 

Read the guidance

Every school has specific expectations from the admission essay. You should always follow those expectations. So, start by carefully reading their guidance. Highlight the areas you find most important and confusing. Don’t be shy to write to the admission office in case of any queries.  

So, don’t exceed their page limit. Set the right layout and format. Talk about things they expect to hear. Otherwise, the admission board may think you have ignored their wishes or failed to follow them. Overall, use their writing rules and the foundation of your future essay. The least you can do is respect their rules, right?

Lastly, make sure to make each admission essay special to the school you are writing it for. Thus, if you apply to different schools, don’t make one letter for all. Write differently to reflect the nature of each school and follow their writing guides to a tee. 

Start strong

Can you imagine how many application essays each college receives every year? It is a really big number. So, do you think they read every single letter from top to bottom? Certainly not. The admission board reads only letters that intrigue and interest them from the very start. Moreover, your readers will most likely continue with the essay if you grasp their attention early in the introduction. 

Start strong and bold. Avoid any overused phrases and sentences that don’t carry any specific purpose. Hook your readers. Start with a compelling story, an intriguing premise, a joke, etc. Choose something to show the best side of you while promising to tell even more later in the text.

Avoid cliches

Jumping on to the previous point, you should avoid cliches throughout the entire text and not just the introduction. By including cliches and common (read boring) phrases, you repeat every other essay in a pile. Do you really want that? Or do you want to be remembered and stand out among the rest? Of course, only the latter will earn you a spot at your dream school.  

So, when writing, try to stay original and true. It will take practice, for sure. However, your effort will be rewarded. Proofreading is a valuable skill here. You’ll need to read your work again and cut the places with no value to your arguments. You may even try seeking online help with essay writing. Professional services will help you polish your text. Besides, clean texts are easier to read. Thus, the board can focus better on what you’re saying. 

Trust your voice 

Authenticity and uniqueness are the two things only you can deliver. These qualities differentiate you from the rest of the candidates. However, discovering your inner voice is anything but easy. You’ll have to look deep inside. Find what you are looking for, and put it on paper. Sounds fun, huh?

Regardless of the text’s context, the writer’s voice has the final ‘say’ in making the first impression. You can tell people whatever you want. You may describe your character, tell your life lessons, and explain your personality. None of them will matter if the board doesn’t believe you. Writing in your voice has the power to convince them, though. 

So, use this opportunity to impress your future school. Be honest with them. Writing from your heart is not easy at first. Let your doubts and worries go. They just silence your voice. 

Include examples

A proper admission essay must show you in the best light possible. It’s your job to explain how your candidacy is the right one for the school. Yet, saying what a great match you are or how well you represent the school’s values is not enough. You have to show it to them.

Hence, each time you explain your character, include examples. Say that you are a hard-working student and mention what a high score you’ve earned this year. Or say that you are passionate about volunteering work, and give examples of where you’ve helped. 

Wrapping up

No one can argue the importance of an admission essay. After all, this short text can decide your fate. However, it doesn’t mean you have to be so nervous about it. You can do it! Use these tips as a guide and don’t give up till you finish. Your admission letter can become your proudest moment. It will earn you a spot in the school you want and teach you how to write clean and honest texts. 

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