How to Turn Your Passion for Gaming into a Career

Gaming is a unique media experience that cannot be replicated in books, movies, or on television. It is a powerful driver for narrative and an engaging experience that really draws players right into the world and the story. It combines the benefits of challenging puzzles and task completion with great graphics and powerful storytelling.

Even games that don’t have strong stories and are more task or challenge-based offer something unique that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

It doesn’t matter what type of gamer you are or what genre most interests you. There are audiences out there that love what you do, and because they exist, you can turn your passion for gaming into a career.

Create Your Persona and Choose Your Niche

To start, you will want to decide on a unique selling point for yourself. A USP is what makes you stand out. This can be your persona, it can be your niche, or it can be your approach. For example, you can make your USP a character you put on when you play and stream your games. Alternatively, you can specialize in a specific genre or game, like horror games or Dota 2.

As for your approach, you can make your USP the fact that you are the best, the funniest, or even that you are starting from scratch and have challenged yourself to reach a certain ranking within a certain timeframe. Whatever your USP is, make sure it is easily conveyed and clear.

Build Up Your Rankings

Though you can technically make a business and a brand at any level, you’ll have a lot more interest in your brand if you are good at what you do. Part of being good is having a great ranking. You can do this manually yourself, or you can use professional tools to help you increase your ranking faster. Improving your ranking is particularly important when it involves Matchmaking Rating or MMR. You can boost your MMR ranking easily by investing in the services available through Increase your MMR ranking, and you’ll have more interesting matches and more challenging components to include in your gameplay footage.

Create a Thriving Online Presence

If you want to make your gaming passion professional, you need to have a thriving online presence. This means having active social media accounts that coincide with your Twitch and other streaming sites is important. You want to advertise and grow your community, and that means reaching out wherever your fans and friends can be found. You don’t need to overload yourself by being active on every single platform. Choose one or two on top of the essentials like Twitch, and you’ll be ready to get started.

Upgrade Your Setup

You will eventually need a great camera, a great mic, and editing software. This can be slowly purchased as you go, but while you are saving up, you need to be learning. Editing videos down instead of just uploading the full stream is an easy way to make your platform more accessible for casual viewers. This way, even your hardcore fans have a way to easily catch up with the highlights from your channel if they leave for a brief period, and more casual viewers have a fun, snappy way to engage with your personal brand.

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