How to Take Care of your Swimsuit

Finding the right swimsuit can be the trickiest. It needs to be functional and fit perfectly to make you look and feel confidently good. In this blog, Ishine365 is sharing some tips to clean and preserve your swimwear so you can focus on having fun on the beach. So when you finally find a designer swimwear you love, properly invest in its care to make sure that you can wear it multiple times without fear of it looking bad and faded. Swimsuits can be an expensive affair so make sure you buy pieces made up of long-lasting fabrics. Even if you buy a good mens bikini swimsuit, it’s necessary to take proper care.

Choosing the Right Fabric, Cuts, and Adornments

Purchasing the right cuts means you need not reveal more than you are comfortable with. The most important thing is to find the swimsuit that gives you coverage within your comfort zone. Whether you choose a simple piece or the one with lots of adornments, these along with fabric will be greatly affected by how you care for and clean your designer swimwear. Preferred fabrics are spandex, nylon, and lycra. These are very durable and easy to care for. It’s important to note that spandex is only comfortable for wearing when mixed with other materials, and nylon is vulnerable to fading in intense sunlight. Polyester is an uncommon material used in swimwear. It’s a lot more resistant to chlorine and fading so it provides a longer lifespan. Ishine365 suggests you avoid washing your swimsuit in the washing machine as even a gentle cycle can damage the stitching and fabric, and detergent can drain the colors. Carefully follow the washing instructions given on the label and hand wash your swimsuits. Handwashing saves the adornments like ruffles and laces and other details.

Treating the Stains of designer swimwear

Your swimsuit is always vulnerable to stains and blemishes whether you’re going for a dip in the pool or playing beach games. Applying pressure on the stain with a clean dry towel will soak up the maximum stain. Baking soda will take care of a spilled drink or dribbled food on your swimsuit. Sprinkle baking soda on the affected area and let it sit for an hour or so before washing the swimsuit in cold water. It’s better to take your swimsuit with you in the shower to immediately get rid of surface chlorine, sand, or dirt. This instant washing will protect your swimsuit from any permanent damage. Because if left untreated, the chlorine can fade the color and weaken the elasticity.

Drying the Swimsuit

In the last Ishine365 is giving you a bonus tip! Always preferred to wash your swimsuit with lukewarm or cold water to protect its color and fabric quality. Warm water is harmful to colors as well as the elasticity and stitching of your swimsuit as it weakens the fibers. Also, never wring your swimsuit and dry it out in direct sunlight. Wringing can break the fibers and badly affect the stitching and padding. Sunlight can evaporate the colors along with water, making your swimsuit dull and faded. It’s better to dry your designer swimwear in two steps. First, lay it out on a dry towel and gently roll it in to soak up excess water into the towel. Now, place the swimsuit indoors to dry instead of hanging it on the string.

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