How to protect kids from casino games

Kids love video games. They don’t even realize that they’re being exposed to online pokies nz gambling at home or outside of school. Some parents may see nothing wrong with letting their children play video games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. It’s important, however, to get them off these addictive games. Here’s how to protect them.

 Set a good example for your child

Don’t let them watch you gamble. If you do, it will be hard for them to understand why you can’t control yourself and lose all the money you have earned.

 Be aware of what is going on around you

You should know where your children are when they are playing any type of reelsofjoy online pokies game. This way, if there is an emergency, you can quickly find them and take care of them.

Make sure that your children are not spending too much time in front of the computer

Gaming has become one of the most popular activities for children today. However, this doesn’t mean that they can spend hours and hours sitting in front of the screen. Studies show that children who spend more than two hours a day watching television or using computers are likely to develop attention deficit disorder (ADD). So make sure that your children aren’t spending too much time in front of a TV or computer.

 Keep track of how long your children spend playing video games

When you notice that your child spends too much time playing video games, try to talk to him about it. Explain to him how dangerous it can be to his health.

In conclusion, gaming addiction is becoming a serious problem among young people. Parents need to set some rules and guidelines regarding gaming. Letting your children play video games isn’t always bad but it’s better to keep an eye on them so that they won’t end up addicted to something else.



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