How to optimize your internet for gaming?

Slow internet speeds can be very frustrating especially if you are fond of playing games online. Imagine it is a cool Friday evening, the weather outside is quite gloomy and so you decide to spend the rest of your evening at home, playing your favorite game online.

You make yourself a nice cup of tea and invite your friends over to give you company. You then turn on your PC and start playing. Now just as you are about to make the winning shot, the computer screen freezes and you feel like hitting your head against the wall. To avoid such feelings of helplessness and frustration, it is always better to have an internet connection that is both reliable and stable.

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Hence while selecting the internet service provider; the gamers need to be very careful. You can do a lot more to make your gaming experience better. Here are a few of the greatest strategies for optimizing your home network and lowering latency and lag when gaming. Experiment with them:

  1. Check the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection

You do not essentially require a high-speed internet connection to help you play games on the web without any hindrance. Preferably, you need an internet connection that has a speed of 20-25 Mbps. To check the speed of your connection, you can run a speed test.

Another very important part of the connection that can be exhausted is essentially the bandwidth. In case there is more than one internet user present at your place, they actually may be the ones to blame for the sluggish internet connection.

There are many activities like streaming videos that need a considerable amount of data and can very easily slow down the connection for the remaining users at home. Your gaming experience will be hampered if your connection does not provide enough bandwidth.

  1. Make low latency your goal

Now, what exactly is latency? Latency effectively estimates the time taken by the data to move from the origin to the end of the line over the network. Latency should always stay low since significant delays can be caused by higher latencies. In this situation, the game will respond to your command after a brief wait. Lag can be reduced by using a fast connection with minimal latency.

Many elements affect latency. The hardware as well as the position of the router and the webserver are just some of them. When data moves from the equipment to the landing placeyftreuauzzz, it has to advance towards the router. The delay increases as the path become longer.

  1. Reposition your router

The position of your router can also affect the internet connection. The physical obstacles present in your house can greatly influence the strength of the signals. You can increase the line of connectivity by removing obstructions between your device and the router or just relocating it closer.

If you cannot adjust the router, try altering your location and bringing your game closer to it instead. You can also turn off other wireless devices in your home to allow your signals to go straight to and from the router.

  1. Turn off any apps that are running in the background

It is best to turn off any programs or web pages that are operating on other devices. Background apps consume bandwidth and slow down the internet speed for gaming. Your web browser, too, consumes bandwidth and should be shut down.

You should also refrain from downloading files while playing games. You can also disengage the wireless fidelity on other devices to aid you in uplifting the speed of the games that you are playing. Every device utilizes some bandwidth.

Disconnecting your Wi-Fi or turning on Airplane Mode can free up bandwidth for your games. All gadgets are continually downloading operating software updates. Because these updates are hefty in size, deactivating them can free up bandwidth for your games.

  1. Utilize an Ethernet cable

You can always utilize an Ethernet cable to link yourself to the internet in case your wireless connection is not working efficiently. A wired connection essentially provides you with a more steady and dependable connection, which is just what your game requires.

The wired connection, on the other hand, makes a wireless connection less convenient. You may need to relocate the router or console to connect to the network if you do not have a long wire.

  1. Avoid connections with data limitations

A data cap is included in many internet plans. A data cap is a limit on the amount of data that may be transferred over a network, and it affects your gaming experience significantly. Games are notorious for consuming a lot of data, and a data limitation will require you to stop playing if you reach the limit.

Final words

A smooth and dependable connection is essential for avid gamers. Every participant wishes to avoid internet problems because real-time reflexes are crucial to a game’s conclusion. You will be able to solve the problem and enjoy your game experience more quickly if you follow these suggestions.

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