How To Make Your Rummy Strategy Work

Rummy is a game of skills, it is a highly entertaining and thrilling card game that has become a favourite of lakhs of Indians and crores of people all over the world. The most popular version – 13 cards rummy is widely played in India, especially in the Points format, though it is also played in the Deals & Pool rummy format. Where there are skills to be displayed, there comes strategy too. Having a sound and workable strategy in online rummy is what differentiates a top rummy player from an average one.

There are quite a number of strategies to be used in rummy online, and almost all of them are available on the internet for you. But in the end, it is regular practice that will make you a master in using these rummy strategies because no amount of learning and reading will prepare you for what you are going to face in a game. 

No two rummy games will be identical. Every time you and your opponents will get different cards in the beginning, hence, the same strategy will not work in every rummy game. There is no guarantee that even different rummy strategies will work in an online rummy game. But by practising the following pointers, you can make your rummy strategy work:

Observation skills

You should have or develop a heightened level of observation skills. You should keep an eye on everything that is happening on the rummy table. 

  1. Know your opponents: The most important thing is to know the cards of your opponents. Which sequences or sets they have made, which cards do they need to make further sequences or sets, which strategy they are using, and which moves they are making. Whether they are playing offensively or defensively, or a mixture of both. Your strategy should be such that will prevent your opponent from doing a valid show before you.
  2. Watch the Discard pile: This is where you will know more about your opponents. Which cards they are discarding and which cards they are picking from this pile. 

A successful rummy strategy will be based on knowing all of the above. Hence, you should learn to correctly guess the cards and moves of your opponents, and this will come only with practice, by playing more rummy games.

Develop your own Rummy strategy

If you want your rummy strategy to work, it is best that the strategy is known only to you. This is because most of the players have developed counter-strategies to the regular and common rummy strategies which you will get to read on the Internet. But your opponent is surely going to get defeated and confused by your customised strategy. 

In the beginning, you may use the usual strategies, as you keep on playing rummy, whether practice or cash games, you will come across new situations in the game where a new rummy strategy can be developed. Keep on playing and making new strategies, try them initially in practice games, and then use them in the cash games whenever you face the same situation again, you are bound to succeed. 

Become Unpredictable

You should know that, just like you, even your opponent is doing the same as what is written in point number one above (Observation skills). Hence, instead of following a set pattern, using the same strategies, you should surprise your opponent more often. Be so unpredictable that your opponent will only keep guessing what next will you do, and which strategy will you use. Every rummy strategy has an optimum time in which it can be the most effective. You just cannot use any strategy at any time. 

Wait for the perfect time for your strategy. One more reason is that situations in a rummy game keep on changing. One moment you are winning; another moment your opponent is in a strong position. Hence, it is important to keep on observing. Your rummy strategy will surely work in the right situation and when your opponent is least expecting it.

Sound Mind is crucial

Your decision making skills are equally important as your observation skills. For your rummy strategy to work, like said above, you should use it at the perfect time. But to decide whether it is a perfect time or not, you should have a sound mind. Decisions taken in the heat of the moment, when you are stressed, angry, disappointed, or overconfident, are mostly not correct. Even if you are in a situation of losing, you should know that game situations change in just a couple of moves too. Never get influenced by emotions.

You should know when to Quit

Most people will think that quitting means losing, it means giving up. But in the game of rummy, many pro players use it as a strategy to win! They apply the following proverb here:

“Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to move a few steps forward”

Dropping out is a good strategy, especially in the Deals and Pool rummy games where you play multiple rounds. It is wiser to do a drop before and incur fewer points than to lose later with more points. Sometimes, you will get really bad cards that quitting will be a better option than playing. In the initial drop, you lose only 20 points, in the middle drop, you lose 40 points (Differs in game types & rummy platforms). Hence, lose only 20 points in one round instead of more and make a strong comeback in the next round. For that, you should read your initial cards and make a correct decision, this comes from regular playing and practice.

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