How to Kill Boredom Using the Internet and TV?

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives upside down. With a new variant coming every 6 months, we don’t see Corona Virus and extended lockdowns leaving us any time soon. With being locked up inside homes for weeks and months, boredom is something we all face too often. Of course, we all miss going out and seeing our friends but for the betterment of one’s own self and the others, it’s preferred that we spend this time alone.

To deal with the boredom we can consult our oldest and most trustworthy friends – TV and the Internet. There are several ways you can utilize these two facilities to help yourself get distracted from boredom. And why it’s so much important to keep yourself busy with something is that prolonged boredom can lead to depression making a person feel lonely and isolated.

Here are some of the most entertaining things you can do with your TV and Internet connections:

  1. Re-watch a childhood movie

What’s a better way to kill boredom than drowning in nostalgia? Every person has a list of favorite childhood movies which they haven’t gotten a chance to re-watch in a long time. Well, now is your chance because you’re bored and need to do something, so, pick out your most favorite movie and watch it on the TV with your friends or family.

To make this easy for you, your favorite cable TV provider Spectrum has an amazing package lined up for you and i.e. Spectrum TV select. Along with 125+ channels, you get to enjoy thousands of on-demand movies and shows. So there is no chance of getting bored if you’ve subscribed to this TV plan for your home.

  1. Play online games

There are so many games available online to keep you hooked. Whether you love playing alone or want to join an army of players, the internet is full of options to keep you entertained. From classic reboots to fresh titles you’ll have many options to pick from. Some of the top trending games are:

  • Counter-Strike; Global Offensive
  • Leagues of Legends
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Player’s Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG)
  • DOTA 2
  • The Division 2
  • Apex Legends

Each of the game we have mentioned have at least more than 20 million online players. So, utilize your internet connections to the max and connect to players from all around the world.

  1. Video call friends and relatives living afar

Do you miss spending time with your friends and family? Well, it’s not as good as physically meeting up with them but try video calling them and talking for hours. Share everything you want to, speak your heart out. Seeing their video live with a clear crisp voice will almost feel like meeting them in person.

Make sure your internet connection is good enough to support smooth video conferencing so you have another way to kill boredom, this time along with your friends.

  1. Stream music

With the number of music streaming platforms increasing day by day, boredom isn’t even a question. You can play whatever you want, from new releases to old classic hits everything is only a few taps away from you.

Get your Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music account ready. You can keep a track of your favorite artists’ new albums, make customized playlists, stream music on repeat for hours, and whatnot. 

  1. Surf through social media

Think of all the times you were busy with the hectic work routines and study schedules, and all you wished to do was surf social media for hours. Now that you finally have the chance to do that, you’re wasting that time on getting bored.

Make social media surfing some fun, get away from your regular timeline, and take a look at your Explore section. Find new profiles, discover new artists. Watch exciting content from the influencers and get inspired. Who knows you might end up making your own page or starting your own blog.

  1. Try your hand on different applications

App stores are filled with interesting apps that are yet to be discovered by you. From funny Photoshop applications to creating your own fashion ramp apps, you can find a lot of stuff to get rid of boredom and to kill time. 

Have you ever imagined how your face would look if you merge it with your pet’s face? Well, there is an app for that too. You only have to put your picture with a picture of your pet and leave the rest to the app. It will surprise you with a shockingly funny response to end this curiosity of yours. 

Similarly, there are apps for stress release and anti-anxiety. You get to have virtual toys you can play with to release stress and satisfy you. And the best part about all these apps is that they’re absolutely free.

  1. Fill online quizzes

We all have filled such quizzes online which lead us to tell that which Taylor Swift’s song describes our personality the best or what is our Spirit Animal. Internet is filled with such quizzes which are pointless but low-key a guilty pleasure for all of us to waste time on. 

And trust us on this, there is no better boredom killer than those quizzes that tell you which fruit you’ll be in the next life. So, open your web browser and go to Brainfall, Buzzfeed, 16 Personalities, or Mentalfloss and we ensure you there is no chance of boredom at all.

Wrapping it up

TV and the internet have been entertaining us for decades now and we all can trust them with saving us through these tough times too. So hold on to your TV and internet connections and you’ll forget what it feels like to be bored.

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