How to Get Involved in Video Game Development

Did you know that the video game industry generated $155 billion in revenue in 2020?

The video game industry is massive, and it continues to grow. More people enjoy playing games every year, and more opportunities for people to get involved with video game development will open up.

Are you interested in entering the world of development and getting involved?

Keep reading for our guide on everything you should know about how to get started in this industry.

Take Classes

Students who want to get involved in video game development should take classes to become successful in the field. These can be found at colleges and universities, they cover topics like game design, programming, and 3D modeling. You should consider pursuing a degree in computer science or a related field.

With the right education and experience, students can land jobs at the top video game development studios.

Get An Internship

Internships give you the opportunity to learn about the game development process and to work with a team of developers. To get an internship, you will need to be at least 18 years old and have a strong interest in video game development. Once you have found an internship, you will need to complete an application and submit a resume.

If you are selected for an internship, you will be expected to work at least 20 hours per week and may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Join A Development Team

If you’re interested in getting involved in video game development, start by attending an initial dex offering (IDO). What is IDO? It is an event where companies offer their products or services to the public for the first time. Attending an IDO can give you a chance to learn about new products or services, meet other developers, and get a head start on your career.

If you’re just starting, look for a team that’s willing to teach you the ropes. Once you’ve found a team, the best way to get involved is to just jump in and start contributing.

Skills You Need

The skills you need for video game development vary depending on the role you want to fill on the development team. As a game designer, you need to come up with creative game concepts and design gameplay mechanics. If you want to be a programmer, you need to code the game engine and create the game logic.

To be an artist, you need to create 2D or 3D game assets that look good and fit the game’s style. Begin honing those skills through practice and by studying the work of others in the field.

Design Your Own Game

Designing your own video game is a fulfilling and fun endeavor that anyone can pursue. Game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine 4 are popular choices for many independent game developers. If you’re not interested in coding or programming, you can always opt to create a board game or card game.

Designing your own game is a great way to exercise your creativity, and it can be extremely rewarding to see your vision come to life.

Find The Right Video Game Development Team For You

There are many ways to get involved in video game development, but finding the right team for you is essential. The right team will help you turn your game development dreams into a reality. And you’ll be able to create a fun and addictive game that players will love. 

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