How to fill your days if you have a part-time job 

In an extremely complex historical conjuncture, marked by uncertainties of all kinds, those with jobs can certainly count themselves lucky. With an ever-changing economic picture, and aggravated day by day by the continuation of the war, many companies may find themselves in the sad position of having to give up some of their employees, putting them on the list of those who will have to lose their jobs. It is a situation very similar, in many ways, to the one experienced during the worst months of the health emergency, when many businesses were forced to close temporarily (the lucky ones), while others closed their doors forever, putting an end to a business that in one way or another, without the Covid, would still have existed, and for many years. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will certainly not provoke a crisis comparable to the one caused by Covid-19, but it could have a non-negligible effect on all those brands and companies that had constant relations with the Russian market, and had hired qualified professionals who were perfectly capable of dialoguing with their Russian counterparts. But suddenly, with the interruption of all business relations with the Russian federation, many of these specialists could lose their jobs, finding themselves without any income from one day to the next. That is also why those who are lucky enough to have a stable, well-paid and satisfying job can certainly consider themselves privileged, especially at a time like this. 

A few hours of freedom 

Even those who work part-time can consider themselves immensely fortunate: in addition to having a job, they also have a certain amount of time to devote to themselves and their passions, with the possibility of spending much more time in the company of loved ones and friends. Those who work eight or nine hours a day, following the rhythms of traditional work, often complain about the lack of balance between their private and professional lives, with work definitely tending to take over from everything else. These people, once back home – or at any rate when they have finished work, if they are employed in smart working – do nothing more than eat dinner and get ready for bed, perhaps devoting a few minutes to watching some TV programme or reading a book. In short, the time available for themselves, for this type of worker, is extremely scarce, almost nil. Part-time employees, on the other hand, have a considerable amount of free time, and are able to use it for whatever they like. Some take advantage of it to rest, to spend time with their partners, or even just to indulge in a passion they had neglected. 

The right pastimes 

Many of them, on the other hand, seem completely unable to find a satisfying occupation for the time between the start of their part-time employment, often spending hours and hours in total idleness, or in melancholic contemplation of absolute nothingness while lying on their sofa at home, or even in bed. What everyone should indulge in, in their free moments, are those exciting and enjoyable activities that anchor the person firmly in the present time, forcing him or her to an almost total concentration free of distractions. One of these is certainly represented by video games from consoles like PS5, XBOX, Switch and PC, especially those designed for mobile phones, which are capable of projecting any user into a dimension of pure emotion from which they would never want to detach themselves. We recommend experiencing, at least once, the breathtaking graphics and undisputed intensity of Raid: Shadow Legends, a fantasy RPG that will win every player’s heart with its high playability and the quality of its graphics. For strategy lovers, we recommend Elvenar, a free game that will transport you to an exciting world where you have to build your own city and take care of its development in every aspect. 

Among the most interesting activities that one can indulge in during one’s free time, in addition to video games, one must absolutely mention those proposed by the best online portals dedicated to gambling, and in particular all those platforms that provide free spins no deposit offers. These game modes, besides being electrifying and full of adrenaline, allow players to experience some of the best games without spending a single penny, with the possibility of redeeming these particular bonuses without making an initial deposit. Each game has been carefully selected by a team of experts, who have assessed its quality, safety and overall reliability. Also for this reason, the gaming experience offered by these portals is destined to remain well imprinted in the soul of every player, leaving indelible traces. 

When you have re-established a semblance of balance between your working life and your free time, by choosing the most appropriate pastimes for the times when you are not working, you will be very close to one of the most coveted goals of any human being: the conquest of happiness. 

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