How to choose a vacuum cleaner

How to choose a vacuum cleaner will be a very welcome advice to the potential buyer, so that it works a lot of time and reliably. After all, this household appliance is an essential assistant in the fight against dust and mud. Many companies around the world who are familiar with their brand are involved in the development and production of these devices using the most advanced technology.

The principle of operation of the vacuum cleaner is as follows: it sucks the air with trash and dust particles, runs it through the filter. Then return to the fresh air room. A good vacuum cleaner has an advanced filtering system. There are three types of vacuum cleaners, each with its own design features, depending on the method of dusting. You can also use R10S for such efficient cleaning.

Classic with a dust collector in the form of a bag;

Container, except dust tank.

By the manual method, you can select the unit for dry, wet or combined cleaning. The washing device through the tube is supplied from the tank to the clean surface. Dirty water is immediately absorbed into another container through the hose. But they cannot be used to clean carpets and to clean non-intelligent sex coatings, thick furniture. And more about know best shark vacuum for hardwood floors

This is a difficult task – to choose from a variety of vacuum cleaner products. The modern vacuum cleaner is on the edge of imagination. For example, a robot vacuum cleaner. You can manage it through apps for smartphones. This miracle of technology can keep the route to itself, to avoid collisions with obstacles, to reach hard-to-reach, as long as there is no ideal purity within the ideal. Innovative developments are washing robot-vacuum cleaners and models to clean pools. Even such pleasure does not cost thousands of rubles.

To clean small surfaces, a portable (or manual) vacuum cleaner will come to the rescue. Some models can even be charged from a car cigarette lighter.

You can’t get around a vacuum cleaner, which is very easy to store, use, works quietly. You can choose a vacuum cleaner for any model with the required technical features and functionality.

Those who have their own home can purchase a built-in vacuum cleaner. It is located at the base of the house, and the rooms are located in the pneumatic socket where the hose fork is inserted. Dust and debris are moved into the falling road between units. Such a device contributes to good ventilation, since the effect of wind force is quickly compensated by incoming fresh air from outside.

Very easy to get lost in the variety of species, models of vacuum cleaners offered in the market household appliances. The variety of design features will tell you how to choose the right vacuum cleaner.

Forever young classic

These are the first vacuum cleaners that have appeared in Russia for more than half a century, but they have not lost their popularity. Their main appointment is to dry and clean everything in the house. It sells a large stock that they often buy. Like any technique, such vacuum cleaners have professionals and disasters. Benefits include:

Easy to use, care, maintenance. To start cleaning, enough to connect the hose, insert the plug into the socket and click the start button.

Use dust collector interchangeable paper, synthetic (very good alternative) and textile recyclable. Disposable packages eliminate the need to reduce dust from cloth bags.

Wide price range.

They have small size and weight, the function of pulling the cord, it is convenient to store them.


Filling the “trash” package, the suction power decreases.

If it is of low quality, defects from sharp pieces of garbage can form in it, which makes it look more dusty, the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Therefore, choosing a shift dust collector, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality.

Reusable tissue bags, corrugated hose with tubes must be brushed regularly, which is not very healthy and beautiful.

Mixed vacuum cleaners

And what kind of vacuum cleaner, if not constantly changing or swarming the dust collector, would spend money on acquiring them? Their work uses a central force which collects and presses dust with the waste into a special container. In this case, the air, passing through different filters, has a greater degree of purification. Of course, the container must be cleaned, but this process is healthier than changing the bag, because there is no dust: it is enough to throw the garbage and slip it. If there is a tank for water, a cyclone vacuum cleaner can clean the wet.

In expensive models, several cyclone cameras are used, which improves air purification efficiency. Wireless mode provides freedom of movement. In some models, a telescopic for convenienceThere are tubes; A large number of nozzles are attached: for wet cleaning, for washing windows, brushes for removing pet vomit on thick furniture and floors, etc.

The suction force does not decrease as the flask fills – this is the main advantage that accumulates a lot of sand which makes the device essential when cleaning premises.

Disadvantages include discomfort, tested while working due to bulkness, and increased noise. In some non-dry vacuum cleaners, the filters are often clogged, failing. Cleaning the filter after cleaning is a very time-consuming process. Yes, and the suction power is not high enough. But if you treat the selection of a vacuum cleaner carefully, you can find models with increased suction force, low power consumption, a small weight and equipped with allergenic filters.

Vacuum cleaners with aquaofiltras

Needless to say that choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home is good, it is impossible. It all depends on what works. Business consultants will always prompt the buyer on how to choose a good product. Consumers often prefer classic versions of vacuum cleaners. But the better features have aggregates with water filters. They clean the air well, as dust and dirt, which settles in a water tank, have no chance of returning to the room. No other type of vacuum cleaner can handle pollution efficiently.

This type is best suited for household cleaning tools, suitable for those who are allergic to dust, who have children if the apartment has a lot of soft surfaces, carpets.

With their help, you can carry out wet cleaning, wash windows, disinfect and carry out ferry processing. Another great advantage: some models can moisturize and ionize the air.

Of course, such devices have their drawbacks that you need to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home. Here you can do the following feature:

Large dimensions and weights create some difficulties for work and storage;

After work, you will need to spend a lot of time washing the aqua filter with all the details.

But these errors cannot be said to be sufficient, as they do not concern the quality of cleanliness.

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