How To Choose A Great Essay Topic

Essay writing is a tough task for many students, but it can even be tougher when asked to choose a topic by yourself. However, you don’t have to scratch your head too much because, in this article, you are going to learn some practical tips for choosing a great topic for your essay.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Seek the Help of an Expert

Depending on the type of essay you are required to do, it can be difficult to choose a great topic if you lack sufficient knowledge in the field you’re researching. Don’t worry because there are many experts in different fields on the internet., for instance, is a leading online resource and platform with many experts who offer support for all kinds of academic writing needs including topic selection, essay writing, and more.
Seeking help from an expert in the subject can help you get in-depth and specific advice that can help you choose a suitable topic for your paper.

Understand the Purpose of the Essay

The first step to choose a win-win essay topic is to understand the purpose of the essay. Generally, different types of essays serve different purposes. For instance, a persuasive essay is meant to persuade the reader whereas a descriptive essay is meant to provide a detailed description of a person, location, object, or situation.
To understand the purpose of the essay, you need to read the instructions carefully paying attention to any keyword used that can paint a picture of what the essay is all about.

Brainstorm Topic Ideas

Brainstorming is one of the practical ways of generating new topic ideas and understanding what keywords to include in your paper. Here, you can use the mind mapping technique to think about every possible thought and idea about the essay you want to write. Remember to write down every idea that comes to your mind while brainstorming. You can narrow down your focus later.

Review the Syllabus

Instead of struggling too much, spending too much time browsing the internet, or seeking help from experts, consult the syllabus. Review the syllabus thoroughly to see areas that are relevant to the paper your professor wants you to write.

Dig Deeper Into the Encyclopedia 

Take advantage of the different types of encyclopedias on the internet (Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana, or any other dictionary recognized in the academic world) to find keywords around the subject you want to write about.

Read Current News about the Subject

Look for reputable articles in trusted online publications like New York Times and Washington Post to find keywords related to the subject of the essay. Most of the online publications have information dating back to the 1900s. Be careful when using online publications since not all are accurate.

Seek Help from a Librarian 

Your school or public library can be a great resource for selecting a good topic for your essay. Consult the librarian and discuss potential topics with him to see whether they have unique ideas that can help you. The advice you get from the librarian can help to point you in the right direction.

Choose a Topic That’s Consistent With the Type of Essay

Your essay topic selection will be guided by the type of essay assigned to you by your professor. Some essays allow you the freedom to wiggle while others restrict you to a certain structure.

Be Careful When Using Online Sources 

Even though the internet is filled to the brim with mountains of information that can help you choose a great topic and sources for your essay, don’t trust every source.  Wikipedia is a great source of information but your search for a great topic shouldn’t stop there. Instead, you can use, Google Scholar, and other trusted platforms to find quality sources of information.
As a rule, you should use sources that provide facts but not opinions while adhering to the guidelines provided by your professor.

Consider Your Interests

No matter how great the topic ideas you generate during brainstorming, you aren’t going to produce an awesome essay if nothing interests you and don’t show enthusiasm in your writing. To keep the reader engaged and interested to read your essay, choose a topic that has your interests.

Choose Something Specific

When choosing a topic for your essay, refrain from settling on a broad subject because you will have a tough time delving deep into mountains of information to compile an essay that presents accurate and factual arguments. To avoid this, try to be as specific as you can with the topic you choose. For instance, a topic like “How to Lose Weight” is too broad. Instead, chose something like “How to Lose Weight Naturally”. The more specific the topic you choose is, the better you will be able to gather enough information to compile an outstanding essay.

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