How Much Do Extra Spins Cost In Slingo?

Slingo has quickly emerged as one of the most popular online games ever. It combines the best parts of slot machines and bingo in a new and exciting way. Almost anybody who fits your definition of “player” has definitely tried out Slingo at some point. 

There are a lot of Slingo games you can play slots online, and most of them are free to download. Why has this hybrid game become so popular in such a short time? Differentiating factors between Slingo and other casino games. 

To begin with, Slingo offers something fresh and exciting in a market flooded with similar video games. Second, it provides flexibility not seen in other gambling options. In part, Slingo’s growing user base may be attributed to the game’s unique blend of benefits. If you want to know how to play Slingo and your best strategic options, then keep reading!

Introduction to Slingo

Slingo gives the player a fair bit more control than traditional bingo and slot machines. Not to mention, it’s a simple enough game that even the most unskilled among us can pick it up quickly. 

Slingo is similar to slots in that it uses a wheel of fortune, but instead of random numbers, players match those on their bingo card to the numbers on the wheel. It’s not like traditional bingo, where you line up symbols, but rather it’s a game of matching numbers using just the standard bingo set of 75. 

Usually, each player gets a card with 20 numbers on it. The goal is to match all the numbers on your card by spinning a limited-use wheel. Typically, a game will have 20 spins available. However, some may have less or more. 

The number of spins on the wheel is another thing that makes each Slingo game different. A classic Slingo game will include a 5 x4 number grid for 20. For instance, a 33 or 66 grid is not unheard of, but a 44 grid is far more common.

Playing Slingo With Real Money

Since bingo and slots for real money are so well-liked, it was only a matter of time until someone created a real money version of Slingo. Most of the free versions of Slingo available to players in the UK were taken down when the company Gaming Realms purchased the rights to the name and the domain. 

The first version of Slingo to be offered for real money was Slingo Riches, which came out in 2015, followed by others within a few months. At first, you could only play them on the Bear Group sites like, but many other sites were eventually granted licenses to host them. 

Over the previous five years, Slingo has evolved in several ways. As well as new and exotic game varieties, the old versions have been updated to offer additional information regarding risk and reward when purchasing more spins. 

There are specific rounds in every game of Slingo, usually between 10 and 20, and you’ll need to match your numbers to win. It is theoretically possible but unlikely that all the numbers inside these spins will match. This is why Slingo games provide extra spins for purchase. 

While some games allow you to buy an infinite number of additional spins, others have a cap on the number of freebies you may earn. These additional spins will cost you more money if your potential payouts are higher. You should know that they may begin at a low price and soon increase to many times what you first wagered.

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