Hot Sneakers to Look Out for in 2022

During the coronavirus pandemic, many sneakerheads were left upset. They had all of these great shoes but nobody to show them off to. Now that we are finally nearing the end of the pandemic, people are getting back out and hitting the streets.

And that means that it is a great time to get some new hot sneakers for 2022. The sneaker is now worth around eighty billion dollars and is only expected to continue to grow.

But if you want to get some new hot pair of sneakers, you need to know what are the best shoes of this year. Luckily for you, we are here to help you with just that. So keep on reading and we will take you through everything that you are going to want to know!

Drake x Nike Hot Step Air Terra

This shoe gives you a clunky silhouette that first feels like it is meant for clinical work than for strutting downt he street. And a lot of online critics have pointed out that they look like a K-Swiss outtake.

Despite all that, it’s a collaboration betwen the the biggest sneaker brand in the world and the biggest rapper in the world. And that automatically makes a lot of people excited about this new shoe.

We also need to take Drake’s unreleased Air Force 1s into account. Now that this is Drake’s first official release with Nike, it certainly worth considering.

Adidas EQT Elevation ‘Kobe Dunk Contest’

Last year, Nike decided to stop producing Kobe Bryant’s shoes after they could not come to terms on an agreement with Vanessa Bryant and Kobe’s estate. This left a big hole when a lot of fans were trying to get Kobe merch.

Thankfully, Adidas came to the rescue. They were first footwear partner to work with Kobe Bryan and manufactured his sneakers from 1997 to 2002.

Thank line of shoes included some of Kobe Bryan’ts most memorable career achieve. This includes his winning performance in the ‘97 Slam Dunk Contest. Kobe wore the Adidas EQT Elevation in bright Lakers purple on his feet for that competition.

Adidas is going to deliver the first pair of Kobe shoes to hit retail in over a year. This is likely going to be one of the Adidas’ biggest campagins other than their Yeezy line.

Union x Air Jordan 2/Nike Dunk/Cortez

Union has been a pioneer in shoes for more than three decades. However, this shoe store is now based in Los Angeles, CA and they are owned by Chris Gibbs. Gibbs has turned into a household name to a new generation of sneaker collectors thanks to a recent run of collabs with Jordan and Nike.

This begain a few years ago at ComplexCon with a gold and black Air Jordan 1. I thas since gone on to include two different kinds of Air Jordan 1s as well as four Aif Jordan 4s. It is now spreading to the Nike Dunk, the Air Jordan 2, and the Nike Cortez.

It is shaping up to be a major year for the company. However, it has yes to be seen if any of these sneakers can match the hype that was built by their previous works. If one had to guess, it likely won’t match the hype. With all that said, it is very likely that people will buy the shoes and also resell them.

Nike LeBron 2

The Nike line with LeBron James feels like it has two distinct periods of collectability. There were the previous days, where player exclusives and family and friend versions were some of the most valuable and popular shoes of the time.

And then there was when LeBron James made his transition to the Miami Heat from the Cleveland Cavaliers between his 7th and 8th signature models. More visible tech was also introduced to the line.

The LeBron 2 falls into the first category. It is a favorite to older fans but less popular among younger sneaker fans. One needs to remember that only four original colorways of the LeBron 2 hit retail. This include the Birthday edition that was exclusive to the internet.

However, there are a lot of chances to have add of the more mysterious pairs like the “Retro Nights” colorway. LeBron wore these when he got his first triple double in 2005. We also can’t forget the  “Beast” PE that first surfaced in 2014 and showed off various animal prints and the introduction of the “Dunkman” look.

Loom Smart Sneakers

Loom Footwear didn’t joke around when they said they wanted to make the best quality vegan sneakers in the market. Loom’s core competency lies in making sneakers that are perfect for all kind of users and can be used in any kind of weather. Loom’s Waterproof Sneakers are the most city-appropriated sneakers perfect for all weathers. Whether you want to dance in the rain like a crazy frog or want to hike the terrain, whether you are thinking about going to office or need to attend a wedding, Loom is a multipurpose sneaker that fits in all categories. These sneakers are waterproof, breathable, flexible and lightweight so everything will be available for you at one place.

Air Jordan 3 ‘Fire Red’

This is the kind of shoe that people love to see. There might be some people who are tired of seeing Jordan Brand bring out the same colors of the older shoes over and over again. However, even that group can’t be upset with first Fire Red Air Jordan 3 along with the first Nike Air branding on the back.

The Importance of Knowing About Hot Sneakers to Look Out for in 2022

Hopefully, after reading the above post, you now have a better understanding of what the hot sneakers to look out for this year are. As we can see, there are a lot of great sneakers coming out in 2022 that sneakerheads need to be aware of. Just make sure that you know what kind of shoe is going to best suit you so that you can make the best purchase.

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