Have You Explored The Different Types Of Rummy Yet? Find Out!

House parties and other social gatherings are made bearable by exciting card games. Everybody has fond memories of playing card games with their friends and family. It is a bonding activity that provides productive engagement. Thanks to digitization, you can play your favorite card games online on your mobile devices. Out of all the different kinds of card games, rummy stands out.

Rummy has held a special place in the card game universe for decades. The game has even undergone several modifications according to cultures. Therefore, there are multiple rummy variations in existence, and it is impossible for you to get bored of the game. Read along to know the popular variants and find out if you’ve played them all.

Gin Rummy

Gin rummy is the most straightforward version played using fifty-two cards. Typically, the game requires two players, and each player gets ten cards. You must meld the cards into three sets or card sequences. You use one joker card in the game, and the sequences must belong to the same suit.

500 Rummy

Popular in America, you can play 500 rummy with two to eight players. It is also known as Persian rummy or Pinochle. The game’s rules are similar to the classic version, and the player reaching 500 points first is declared the winner.

13 Card Rummy

13 card rummy is popularly known as Indian rummy. The variant is an extension of 500 rummy and Gin rummy. It is played between two to six players, and each player gets thirteen cards. Melding cards play the game to create valid sets and sequences. Players need to pick and discard cards to create relevant groups.

The game uses joker cards, and they are used as substitutes for any card. In this rummy version, the formation of a pure sequence is required. A pure sequence is made without using a joker card.

The objective is to meld cards and reduce points to zero. Points carry negative value in the game.

The 13 card rummy variant has several sub-versions, which are:

  • Points rummy: In this version, players start melding cards to get a score of 0. Play the game after pre-deciding the rupee variant. The losing player must calculate the remaining points in non-sets, and the final score will add these points.
  • Deals rummy: Each player gets a fixed number of cards in Deals rummy. The game is played with chips, and every player receives a set number of chips. According to the scores, the winner gets the chips from the losing player.
  • Pool rummy: Pool rummy is the most common version of rummy played online. The game is based on rounds, and the game continues until the last player scores over 101 or 201 points. The winner gets 0 points in each tournament round, and this version takes slightly more time to finish.

Contract Rummy

Contract rummy is a variant based on Gin rummy. The game involves seven rounds, and in each round, players collect a combination of sequences. As the game progresses, the difficulty level increases. Players get ten cards during the first four rounds, and three cards are dealt during the final three rounds.

The other rules are similar to Gin rummy.

21 Rummy Card

21 rummy cards is another variation played widely in India. The card game is a preferred activity during Diwali festivities or social gatherings. Compared to 13 card rummy, this version takes longer to finish. Therefore, people stay engaged for a long time.

In this variant, three standard card decks are used and printed jokers. Each player gets twenty-one cards, and it is necessary to form at least three pure sequences, and the remaining cards can be meld into proper sequences or sets.

Using value cards and jokers is one of the game’s unique characteristics. The value cards are used similarly to joker cards, and they can become a substitute for any card. However, since the value cards hold additional points, they are special.

In 21 rummy cards, the first drop entails a penalty of thirty points, which differentiates this version from the rest of the variants. The points of the value cards are not honored for the first drop. There is a penalty of seventy-five points for a middle drop, but the value cards are honored.

Players can form a pure run by melding three cards with the same rank and suit.


Canasta is a popular rummy variant, and it originated in Spain. The game’s rules are similar to the classic or regular rummy version. However, there’s a slight difference. In this version, the 2s and Joker are considered wild cards.

Shanghai Rummy

In the Shanghai rummy variant, players get eleven cards, and the game is typically played between three to five players. In this version, 2 Clubs and 2 Spades are also used as Jokers.

The Shanghai rummy variant is similar to Contract rummy.

Kalooki Rummy

The Kalooki rummy variant comes from Jamaica, and the players get nine cards. The player with the lowest score is the winner.

Wrapping Up

These are some popular and much-admired rummy variations. Most versions are available online, and you can play for free. It is great fun competing with online players with varying skills and expertise.

How many variants have you played already? Check the list and start learning the rules. You’ll never run out of options to stay entertained!

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