Handling a Lawsuit by Rausch Sturm

Most people in the U.S. achieve their objectives in life through loans. Auto lenders, banks, commercial lenders, credit card companies, student loans, telecommunication providers, and utility providers give loans to boost what you have to achieve your mission. However, some debtors are unable to pay back. The lenders, therefore, hire a firm like Rausch Sturm to represent them in debt collections.

Rausch Sturm can file a lawsuit against those with unpaid debt. With the right tips in Handling a Lawsuit by Rausch Sturm, you can get into an agreement with Rausch Sturm on how to clear the debt if truly you own the lender.

The article below will equip you with relevant information on handling a lawsuit with the Rausch Sturm.

Respond to the lawsuit

When Rausch Sturm files a lawsuit against you for your debt, it’s essential to respond immediately. The response is the first step to defend yourself and avoid the Rausch Sturm winning by default. If you doubt your skills in responding to the lawsuit, call a reliable lawyer. Lawyers are highly educated and skilled to help you decide on the proper response to file and how to do it.

In addition, it’s advisable to prepare early enough and inform your lawyer as early as possible. Early preparation will enable you to design and send responses before the deadline. Having filed the response, always send a copy to the plaintiff.

Verify Claim

Do not assume that the information in the record is always accurate. You may find out that Rausch Sturm sued you for other people’s debt. Since Rausch Sturm represents other creditors to file a lawsuit, there could be miscommunication. If the information was inaccurate, you have the right to request for dismissal of the suit. In addition, if you don’t take your time and verify your claim, you may find yourself being sued for old debts or even debt from unknown lenders.

Consider your options

If you verify that the debt indeed is yours and the data in the lawsuit is correct, you have no other option than to pay for the debt. However, it could be challenging to settle the debt in full since your income may be low to cater to your expenditures and other obligations. For this reason, consider talking with debt resolution professionals for more advice.


Rausch Sturm filing a lawsuit against you does not necessarily mean you must go to court. With the help of a lawyer, you can try to resolve the dispute with Rausch Sturm. However, depending on the merits of your case, negotiation can be the next step. You can negotiate alone or instead hire an attorney to help you out.

Ensure settlement agreements are in writing

The main objective of Rausch Sturm is to collect the debt from you on behalf of the lenders. However, if not in a position to pay it in full, you can agree with them to pay a certain amount of money and pay the rest monthly for a given period. Any agreement with them should be in writing.

Written agreements are essential for the following reasons;

  • Written Contracts Offer Clarity
  • Written Contracts Provide Proof of Details
  • Enforceability
  • Written Contracts Offer Protection
  • Written Contracts Make Disputes Easier to Navigate
  • Confidentiality
  • Getting Help With a Written Contract

Final Word

Hopefully, it’s now clear that Rausch Sturm is a firm whose responsibility is debt collections on behalf of the lenders. They can file a lawsuit against those failing to pay for their debts. If you are in a situation where Rausch Sturm has filed a lawsuit against you, worry not, as the article above has enlightened you on various steps to follow when Handling a lawsuit by Rausch Sturm, or any other debt collection agency.

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