Hamilton Khaki Watch Review: The Brand New Watch Line From Hamilton

The Hamilton Khaki Watch goes on sale on May 1st, 2017. The Hamilton Khaki Watch Collection is another new and exciting collection from the American watchmaker, which follows up the excellent Hamilton Patrol Watch Series. As such, this new collection is all about being versatile, water resistant and ideal for any occasion and not just a watch meant for the outdoors. The Hamilton Khaki Watch definitely seems to be more geared towards casual, everyday wear than the Patrol Watch series which focuses more on the great outdoors and outdoor activities. So let’s see what’s new with this watch series and what do we think of this new lineup.

The Brand New Hamilton Khaki Watch Line

Hamilton has been well-known for their sturdy, long-lasting line of watches, and we can now add the Hamilton Khaki Watch to that growing list, as this little guy looks like it’s an absolute stan favorite amongst hunters.

If you know anything about the Hamilton line, you know that it’s mostly known for what is called the Jubilee line. These watches come in three distinct line-ups: the Hamilton Khaki Watch, the Hamilton K10, and the Hamilton K56.

The Hamilton Khaki Watch is one of the latest additions to the line and, when we say newest, we mean newest, as this watch was only released on April 1 of 2017.

So what do we have here? What’s so special about this watch that you should instantly add it to your watch collection? We put on this one and here’s what we found.

What Makes the Hamilton Khaki Watch So Special?

The new Hamilton Khaki Watch boasts a classic, classy, and aesthetically pleasing look that’s a perfect way to celebrate your daily adventures without being too flashy.

The new Hamilton Khaki Watch is now available for purchase at Amazon, but you can get a sneak peek of the collection through the pictures below.

The new Hamilton Khaki Watch line will be available in three styles: khaki, brown, and black. They’re made from stainless steel and are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a wet shirt ruining the watch. Hamilton says the watches are scratch-resistant, and while it’s hard to tell in these photos, the cases are extremely durable. Hamilton explains the company spent over two years developing the new watches in order to achieve their exacting standards.

The Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Khaki Watch

Hamilton’s collection of combat-inspired watch offerings continue to be rolled out in 2017 with the introduction of the all-new Hamilton Khaki Watch. The Hamilton Khaki Watch has become something of a staple for many military service members and civilians alike – it’s a timepiece that gives them an authentic experience of the locales they’ve traveled through overseas, while also being rugged enough to endure rough, cold weather. If you have an affinity for wearing a timepiece with a rugged look that can stand up to heavy usage, or you’re a veteran yourself, this may be the military-inspired watch for you.

This timepiece is a hybrid between a traditional black and brown watch design, and an all-over khaki military motif.

Final Thoughts

The Hamilton Khaki Watch Range was announced some time ago, and was finally launched in all of its glory at Baselworld 2017 this year, alongside a wide range of accessories and sportswear from the brand. As a new line of watches by the American watchmaker, the hamilton khaki Watch Series offers a combination of functionality, fashion and, of course, premium features, and we were quite impressed with it – in fact, it’s one of our favorite new collections this year.

The Hamilton Khaki Watch Series was unveiled last month at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, and it debuted at Baselworld in March – so we’ve had a chance to try it on ourselves here at GQ HQ before it came to the United States.

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