Games That We Love Playing To

   Everyone loves playing games. There are so many different gaming studios around the world. Each of them is trying to conquer our love and create a masterpiece. Every time we come home from a hard-working day, most of us play different games. You can try an online casino Spinia, and your boredom will vanish. We are going to share some latest news from the gaming world. 


     Bethesda’s Latin American account on the banned social network, in response to a user’s question, said that a release date for Starfield would be announced: “very soon”. The account also confirmed that a separate large presentation of the game is in the works.

     The next presentation of Xbox games will be held on January 25th. It will show Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and new content from The Elder Scrolls Online, but not Starfield. Most likely, the release date of Starfield should be expected at a separate presentation on the game. When will it pass is the question.

       Since mid-January, information has been circulating on the network that Starfield has been moved from the first half of the year to the summer. The game was originally planned to be released in November 2022. The RPG will be released on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

    The IGN channel published a video in which representatives of the Bloober Team talked about the remake of Silent Hill 2. Since the release of the game, many indie horror films have appeared, many of which were inspired by it, and therefore, in order for the return to be worthy, it was necessary to identify and sharpen as much as possible what made the game special. And this is, above all, a deep psychological horror.

     The combat component of the game has undergone major changes, especially artificial intelligence and the behavior of monsters. At the same time, the developers tried to treat the original with respect and preserve the original design of the creatures as much as possible, while looking at the interaction with them from a new angle.

     The music for the remake will also be completely re-recorded, but at the same time, all the key moments that cause the greatest response from the players will remain virtually unchanged. The developers believe that, in this case, it is right to make relatively small changes, giving a slightly newer and fresher sound.

     The protagonist has indeed aged a bit, and it was a conscious decision to better relate to an older audience.

     Some players were worried that the game would lose its charm along with some of the lightning that the remake offers. However, the developers are sure that the game will not lose its gloom at all. And the opportunity to see a detailed nightmare instead of solid black will give a special feeling of fear and awe. The desire to present the intimidating world of the game in the best possible graphics was the reason for the development of the PS5 and modern computers, but not for the previous generation.

     The PC version may come out later than the PS5. As for the Xbox consoles, the game should reach them a year after the release. A release date for the remake of Silent Hill 2 remains unknown.

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