Frequent stumbling blocks in Instagram promotion

Instagram is one of the most powerful sales channels today. With the right approach, it is able to generate consistently high income. This is a very competitive environment and it is unacceptable to make mistakes if you count on serious results. In this article, the very popular mistakes are represented that prevent entrepreneurs from successfully promoting projects within the framework of the social network.

Gaps in visual content building

Firstly, it is the presence of low-quality photos or videos. There are people who underestimate the visual component of promotion. Feed is built on artificial intelligence algorithms and only relevant and author’s content gets there. You can hire a designer and a photographer to tidy up your profile. The better your profile design, the greater results from targeted advertising and promotion in general.

Secondly, the lack of good text in the publications. Text content is an acquaintance with your inner world, the inner kitchen of your business. Develop in this segment or delegate for copywriters in order to free personal time. 

Thirdly, the lack of a clear offer in your profile disorients people in terms of your activity. When a person comes from an advertisement source, he sees you for the first time.  To explain briefly and concisely who you are, what’s your activity and value for others   for these purposes, you can use the profile title and description.

Involvement errors in Instagram promotion

The first error is the lack of work on increasing the audience. Involvement lies in the time of interaction with our content, the number of likes, savings, comments. To get the hang of your reach, you can use the technique as crossover involvement from feed to stories. For example, write a post on a specific topic and redirect to stories in order to get additional nuances. If you have a small account you can raise these indicators instantly and buy Instagram likes, subscribers. This will trigger a natural scale-up process as the social proof factor will come into play.

The second mistake is the lack of communication with subscribers. Instagram is a visual social network, if people like your content, they will also want to chat with you. Communication on social networks is an easy and unobtrusive way to sell if you do not have large advertising budgets. Therefore, always reply in comments, make involvement questions, and try to stimulate communication.

Try to avoid irregular posting of content. If you post regularly, one post every 1-3 days, then the positions of your posts will be quite good, but if you take a break for 3 weeks, then the coverage of your publications drops very much. This principle also works with stories.

If Instagram provides some kind of tool, then you should use it. All progress is made up of little things. When you use all the possibilities in combination:  write qualitative texts, do professional photo sessions, set different types of content, increase their popularity and buy real Instagram likes, subscribers, set advertisement, then your chances of success increase.

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